You Think You Do, But You Don’t! Season 2 Episode 2

So this week Kexman and Farseer needed to join an LFM channel. And who would answer our call to assist in this weeks episode?
Missildine of course from “Always Sunny in Stormwind” and now with a new opinionated gentlemen, what discussions will be

Topics on todays show:

– Pre-Patch Good and Bad

We’ve had some time to get our teeth into the Pre-Patch, New customizations and levelling revamped, plenty to dive into
this week!

– Snaxxramas

Naxxramas has been announced for Classic WoW! But when will it release? How fast will the Classic Community smash through
it? Will Kexman obtain the Corrupted Ashbringer? So many questions!

– Blizzard EU Versailles Office Close

Hitting on a more serious topic, the Blizzard EU office in France is to be closed. Leaving many employee’s without work.
The group this week discuss the timing of this closure so close to the Holidays and on top of the current issues of COVID.


The One True King organization has been announced recently comprised of the group: Asmongold, Esfand, Mizkif, Rich Campbell
and TipsOut. Esports, cooking content, competitions and so much more to come! As we wrap up the show this week with our
brief touch upon the announcement.

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