You Think You Do, But You Don’t! Season 2 Episode 3

Third week back and the Horseman is here! It is Hallows End on Azeroth but the focus this week is on everything surrounding
the game itself! Shadowlands Collectors editions? Warcraft Blue Yeti mics? Lots of nerdy stuff to dive into this week!

Topics on todays show:

– Kexman’s Shadowlands Collectors Edition Live Unboxing

Kexman has received his Collectors edition finally! And is eager to open it live on air and explore all the magic that
lies within!

– Blizzard Shop Transmog Sales

Has Blizzard gone too far? Selling in-game (transmog) gear on the in-game store. With it linked to the 6-month Subscription
or able to be purchased with in-game gold, is is truly a problem? Farseer & Kexman have conflicting views. What do you

– Shadowlands DPS Rankings

Comparing the current numbers of the Pre-Patch to Season 4 of Battle for Azeroth, we check how the Class rankings have
changed, perhaps giving us an idea of who will reign when Shadowlands releases. Of course, please allow a huge margin
for error.

– Blizzard Branching out

With the announcement of the Warcraft Blue Yeti themed Mic and items such as the Horde themed Gaming Chair Kexman has
spent quite a bit of money on; the duo discuss how Blizzard are working with other companies to produce many grand
and nerdy things based on their products. But what would you want to see? What amazing nerdy things are missing from
this world? Let’s find out!

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