Warcraft Radio Weekly

You Think You Do But You Don’t! #11

Kexman & Farseer Strike Back!

It’s been a slow week for the World of Warcraft but that won’t stop the team from bringing you all the good stuff to make your brain question everything the game does! Kexman & Farseer delve deep into the Raids, How to Improve loot? And what do you guys want to see? But let’s not forget Classic! Bringing Blizzard huge numbers in more ways than one! Sprinkle in some good old Essence madness and we have ourselves a show!

The War Forge #5

Night Elves & Replays Hype!!

Pride and Impervium look over the patch notes and new models for Warcraft 3 reforged and take a deep dive into massive Warcraft 3 reforged development team losses this week!

Heart of Azeroth #12

Post Blizzcon Blues

In their first episode since BlizzCon weekend, Athalus and Mango break down the BlizzCon reveals and 8.3 expectations. PLUS the team introduces a new weekly feature, “Machinima of the Week!”

Specials & Features

Cooking With Kexman Machinima

It’s been quite a few years since I (Farseer) put a WoW Machinima together. What better way to start it off again than by having Kexman teach myself and you guys how to cook some beautiful Salmon!

Skarmtank Interview with Kaeldon

A month into classic we have an indepth interview with SkarmTank in regards to how the game is going and how we feel it has progressed and the issues that have also arisen and answering questions that were asked in the live twitch chat over at twitch.tv/warcraftradio

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