To Our Community

The team at Warcraft Radio is a collective of friends and fans of a game and its community that we’ve all loved for years. The news of the lawsuit against Activision Blizzard has deeply grieved us. We want to be clear that we believe the women and victims, and we recognize the courage and bravery it took for them to come forward. We have zero tolerance for harassment or abuse of any kind in our own organization, and we recognize that this culture runs rampant in gaming spaces. We strive every day to ensure our community is a safe space for everyone to enjoy.


At Warcraft Radio, we are talking with everyone on our team and taking the time to ensure that every voice on the team is included in our decision on direct action that we can take next. Every show operates with our support, but with its own unique voices, and you will be seeing some statements from many of our show hosts and team members over the next few days. 


Last year, we implemented a code of conduct and process for reporting and addressing any potential discrimination and harassment. We are eager to share our code of conduct and processes with any other gaming communities that would like to adopt their own measures, a basic step that we strongly encourage communities to take.


In addition to continually working to increase our team’s diversity and representation, we intend to do our part to raise awareness within our community on ways they can speak up and be allies. We will do this by continuing to promote organizations and non-profits that address these issues within different communities, and by helping to raise their voices. We will continue to spotlight a diverse range of creators within the community, and strive to increase the diversity within our own team. We don’t have all the answers, but we will continue to grow and encourage every voice to be heard.


In the coming days, we hope to see evidence that Activision Blizzard has implemented changes throughout this investigation, and we hope to learn of ways they intend to ensure this never happens on their watch again. But while we hope this occurs for themselves, we will not be idle in doing our own part to affect change in our corner of the community. 



We encourage you to support organizations such as: 

You can also see some of the statements from our show hosts and team here:

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