The Race to World First; For Those on the Go!

Warcraft Radio is excited to announce our unique coverage of the Race to World First. We understand that there’s a lot to keep up with, and you’re just one person. With hundreds of livestreams, thousands of twitter posts, and multiple global events happening all at once, it’s nearly impossible to stay up to date, and that’s why Warcraft Radio has tailored its coverage of the Race to World First to people like you!


Consider us your one stop shop for anything and everything you need to stay informed. Want to check the overall progress and who’s in the lead? We’ve got that. Need to watch how Method or Limit finally got the kill on The Hivemind? We’ve got that too. Finally have some free time and find yourself wanting to check out the currently active streams? Guess what! We’ve got that too.

This year, when it comes to the Race to World First, the only thing you need to remember is whether you’re at home on your PC, or at work with your mobile, Warcraft Radio will be right here to keep you up to date from day one to day 31.

Let the Race Begin!

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