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The Happiest Tavern in Azeroth returns!

Outside the air is hot and muggy, your forehead drips sweat and your heart is racing from anticipation as you reach for the hefty wooden handle of the tavern door. Your fist clutches the handle firmly, you pause… Pressing your ear against the door you can hear a commotion, tables being flipped, ale mugs being thrown and bodies hitting the floor. Bracing for the worst, you heave the heavy door open! The bright light from indoors blinds you momentarily and all you can hear is a gut wrenching scream…

“CHUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUROKKKKKKKKKK IN THE HIZOUSE!” You’ve stumbled upon the legendary Happy Hour Tavern! Grab a beer, grab a donut, grab some dice and prepare to watch the happiest place in Azeroth.

The Happy Hour Tavern with Dustin, Kyle and TheErik is almost open for business! The zany trio is back after over 10 years of radio silence and are bringing their A game! Well, at least their C+ game! At the HHT we love board games, heck, Dustin loves them so much he MAKES them. We have a feeling you might love board games too, which is why we’re happy to announce that we’ll be covering all of the Warcraft themed board games that Blizzard has to offer. This means multiple full playthroughs of games such as the WoW Adventure Game, WoW the Board Game, the Warcraft 3 Boardgame and more. Yes that’s right, all three Donut Boys in the same room playing board games! We might even let Duncor play some games with us if you all ask nicely…

We’ve got old segments returning like Mail Call, but we also have many new segments like ‘For The Board!’, a new take on ‘Buff and Nerf’ coming as well.

Tune into the first HHT show on August 31st at 10am PDT, 1pm EDT, to learn more about what we have in store!

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