Technically PVP ep 112: Ret Pally 8.3

Wait?!  Where’s episode 111?!!  No, this isn’t a numbering mistake.  Ep 111 may have been lost. 🙁  We are waiting for Twitch to see if they can recover the VOD.  Until then, we are stuck with a small gap in our episodes.

Now, about episode 112!!  After giving an update on Where’s Windstead?, we welcomed Pikachu Palla to discuss the power of Retribution in PVP, as well as give away some Shadowlands Beta keys!  We also played another fun round of Need, Greed, Pass, and highlighted the community events that have happened, and will be happening in the recent past and near future!

Last but not least, we gave some instructions on how you, at home, can possibly win a beta key if you missed our live stream!

Now: On To the Notes!

15:37 – Need-Greed-Pass

In this segment, one of the host’s will pose a scenario with three options related to WOW.  The participants need to decide which option they will Need; which they will Greed; and which they will pass!  So let the hilarity commence as we will decide what we will Need Greed & Pass!

  1. Jinyu            2.   Naga          3.  Arakkoa 


22:47 – Upcoming WoW PVP Events


32:33 – Subject of Analysis

Today we will discuss Retribution Paladins.




  • Pikachu – Trillebartom for helping him with his stream
  • Andallyn – Peter and Tsukassa
  • Gerissar – Andallyn, our Patreons, and our WCR staff!

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