Technically PVP ep 111: Classic Arenas!?

People often say better late than never.  And while that is true, we must apologize just how long it took to get this episode published!  Between the VOD going missing on Twitch, and IRL getting super busy, we were finally able to get this podcast on the street and into your ears!

So, come join the hosts as they talk with OG_Jeffery and GrimyFishTank about the tournaments ReadyRaider have been hosting on the classic servers!  And listen as Gerissar gives up on keeping this show on the rails!  Overall, this was a blast of a conversation and well worth the wait!  Enjoy!

24:51 – Need-Greed-Pass

In this segment, one of the host’s will pose a scenario with three options related to WOW.  The participants need to decide which option they will Need; which they will Greed; and which they will pass!  So let the hilarity commence as we will decide what we will Need Greed & Pass!

New servers – 1. WOTLK  2. CATA  3. MOP


43:51 – Upcoming WoW PVP Events


Subject of Analysis

Today we will discuss arena-like tournaments in Classic WOW!


1:27:39 – WOW PVP NEWS



  • OG_Jeffery- Bob, and RR team, contestants, and community
  • Grimy- North and Rokman, vino, Uber, all the believers and sponsors


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