Gareth 'Athalus' Cales


Athalus grew up sneaking in to his living room late at night to play Warcraft II. As a high-school senior in 2004, he signed up for the Closed Beta test and was lucky enough to get in. Athalus created WoW Radio in October 2004, just before launch, to share his beta experiences in a livestreamed podcast . In 2006 Athalus chose to move on and pursue a career in Game Development. Athalus how now returned to re ignite the flame that is Warcraft Radio. 

Caleb 'Mango' Evans


Mango has been a Warcraft fan since the windows DOS days. As a beta (2004) World of Warcraft veteran Mango has had a lifelong love of the franchise as a whole. Growing up in New England, he has had many snowy days where the only thing to do was game. The love for gaming was amplified for his love of music and art. This lead him to peruse and complete a film degree where his focus was video editing. Mango is an infamous “altaholic” having several max level characters and even more incomplete ones at any given time. Mango also doesn’t stick to one main for more than an expansion or two. While he has played both factions extensively, over the last few expansions he leans towards the Horde. Beyond Warcraft he enjoys a multitude of games, particularly the “Dark Souls” franchise. While not being a host or creator of a show previously, Mango has worked extensively on creating many live action short films to broaden his creative skills.

Daniel 'Slanik' Hasford


Slanik has been playing Blizzard games since finding Warcraft 3 installed in an Internet Cafe back in 2003. Picking up World of Warcraft at European Launch he has been playing WoW since. Slanik joined WoW Radio in 2004 and soon afterward began hosting Vendor Trash and continued to do so until he left the station to pursue a career in Blizzard in 2008. That must have worked out really well because now he’s back here again.

James "Kikijiki" Turnham


KikiJiki, like others before him is somewhat of a cynical person from the British Isles. He started playing Blizzard games with Diablo and has dipped his toes in most of the major games they’ve released since. He started playing World of Warcraft at EU release and although his WoW credentials are modest and outdated that’s perfect since WoW Classic is about to release! You can find him farming soul shards when he’s got downtime.

Caleb 'Pride' Carroll


Pride joined Warcraft Radio in 2008 as the host of what would become to longest running and most popular World of Warcraft Lore Podcast. Pride has since moved onto other projects including OMFGCATA with Jesse Cox and running the first Heroes of the Storm eSports event “Heroes Premiere League.” Pride has now returned to Warcraft Radio working behind the scenes as a member of the Art and Video teams.

Endora 'Umamor' Roberts


Umamor has been a long time listener and megafan of the station since she was a teenager. Coming from a gamer family, she grew up playing the Warcraft franchise and immersed herself in the universe playing World of Warcraft and listening to shows such as Warcraft Anonymous and Blue Plz. She is a lore nut and typically obsessed with elves.


Kerren 'Kexman' Lippett


Kexman has always been involved with World of Warcraft from Vanilla all the way through the current product. He’s seen all the raids that can be seen, done all the dungeons and can even be found in a Battleground every now and then. With a Horde logo proudly tattooed on his right forearm, there’s no doubting his dedication to spreading blood and glory on the battlefields of Warcraft! He’s also known for playing the same Tauren Warrior since Launch!

James "Dunkurk" Mckinven


Dunkurk spent his younger years fighting with his brother over who’s turn it was to play SNES games, once world of warcraft was released he made the jump from runescape to warcarft and hasn’t looked back since. Dunkurk was an avid listener of wowradio and got involved with fairly early on as a chat moderator/production assistant, helping with shows like Council of Six and CrossFaction.

Andrew "Farseer" Worthy


Since the days of Warcraft III Reign of Chaos, Farseer has been enamoured in the World of Warcraft and it’s story. Upon discovering WoW radio in 2007, he joined the station in 2008 during the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, becoming the host of “Essence of Roleplay” along side Kexman. 


Erik Sanburn


“The Erik” Sanburn grew up in the mean pastures of Kansas. A collaborator on The Chalice of Silvermoon radio series and recurring co-host with Dustin and Kyle on the Happy Hour Tavern and Learn2Play. OMfG.FM shows included The Donut Shop, Unmasked, and the Tales from your Mom’s Basement anthology series.

Kyle Mccarley


Kyle McCarley grew up (but not really) in Kansas and moved to LA at 18 to study acting. After getting hooked on playing World of Warcraft with his buds, he co-wrote, co-directed, and voiced several characters in a fan-made online radio play. Once he finished his Theatre degree at the University of Southern California, he decided to further pursue that passion in the form a career in voice acting.


Dustin Hendrickson


Dustin Hendrickson was born in a small town in Kansas, after meeting Erik Sanburn and Kyle McCarley in middle school, the 3 formed an in-separable trio. The group now known as the Donut Boys had formed. Fast forward to 2005, Dustin found WoWRadio during the groups infamous ‘Summer of WoW’. After giddily showing the others and discussing potential shows they could do to be a part of this revolutionary idea, they landed on doing a radio play set in the World of Warcraft universe, known as the Chalice of Silvermoon. Dustin went on to also co-host shows such as The Happy Hour Tavern, Learn 2 Play and The Donut Shop


Dan "Leto" Hahn


Starting at WoW Radio in mid 2005 with the ill-fated Townhall cast, Dan quickly transitioned into what he was most well known for with The Ancient of Lore, as well as later on The Weekend Report, before moving on from WoW Radio in late 2007 to form Rob and Dan. Currently living in Boston, he spends a majority of his time working on a multitude of broadcast and streaming projects and spending time with his girlfriend Cat.



Ravanth, 26 year old Belgian Waffle who’s been moderating on all sorts of twitch chats since 2014. He was an avid listener of the original warcraft radio and contributed a lot to Essence of RP through emails and IRC chat.




Jordan "NNJ" Johnson


Jordan “Mr. NNJ” Johnson started his podcasting career as the production assistant and content contributor for “Essence of RP”. In 2010, he started a table top RPG show on Original Media for Gamers (OMFG) and Versus the World Productions (VtW). In 2011, he began live casting from local conventions in the Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD area. Jordan now runs 321tv, which includes live steaming of playing games with friends, 100% completion runs, talk shows, and presentations at various conventions.
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