#90 – Mawesome

Ben Bumhoffer and Rho chat about Star Wars: Squadrons, Torghast vs. Horrific Visions, character customization, and characters that they’re looking forward to seeing (or not seeing) in Shadowlands! We are excited to bring you a special interview episode in two weeks with Madeline Roux, the author of the upcoming WoW novel, Shadows Rising! If you […]

You Think You Do, But It’s Taco Tuesday (January Podcast Roundup)

Realm Maintenance returns with the first of new monthly episodes! The hosts of “You Think You Do, But You Don’t” join Rho in the Podcast Spotlight interview, followed by a focus on highlighting video content creators! Twitch streamer and podcaster Brutall is Rho’s inaugural guest on the new segment. The show wraps up as it […]

Yearly Maintenance, Part 5

The six-part daily Yearly Maintenance series continues! Part 5 features additional interview questions and answers from show hosts representing Warcraft Radio, Classic Casual, Taverncast Adventures, and the Queue For Fun podcast! We’re now a part of Warcraft Radio! You can find our new home at https://warcraftradio.com/shows/realm-maintenance/ Follow the show on Twitter @RealmPodcast and follow Rho […]

Episode 300 – The End & The Beginning

The 300th episode of Realm Maintenance features a special interview with WoW Community Manager Randy Jordan, aka Kaivax! Welcome to the end of one chapter and the beginning of a new one for the Realm Maintenance podcast. Find out more about the exciting changes for all three Realm Maintenance Productions podcasts at the the top […]

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Classic Completionist is dedicated to all things World of Warcraft Classic. Whether it’s defeating all the raid content, maxing out professions or exploring the world we’ll be covering it, as well as speculating what comes next for Classic!

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