Technically PVP ep 115: Pre-Patch Preps

Gerissar and Andallyn go over what you can expect in these pre-patch weeks, with all the changes to levelling, how you can level your alts or new main before Shadowlands, and pitfalls to avoid! Now get in the game, grab some friends, and have some fun! Finding Us Gerissar –  Twitter Email The Show! Andallyn –  […]

Technically PVP ep 111: Classic Arenas!?

People often say better late than never.  And while that is true, we must apologize just how long it took to get this episode published!  Between the VOD going missing on Twitch, and IRL getting super busy, we were finally able to get this podcast on the street and into your ears! So, come join […]

Technically PVP ep 112: Ret Pally 8.3

Wait?!  Where’s episode 111?!!  No, this isn’t a numbering mistake.  Ep 111 may have been lost. 🙁  We are waiting for Twitch to see if they can recover the VOD.  Until then, we are stuck with a small gap in our episodes. Now, about episode 112!!  After giving an update on Where’s Windstead?, we welcomed […]

Episode 88 – Tormented

Belle & Rho discuss PvP vendors in Shadowlands, Torment debuffs in Torghast, the concept of a “true evil” Horde, and more! This episode contains explicit language. Listener discretion is advised. You can also find Belle on PWNcast most major podcast apps and follow her on Twitter @belleofmethod Follow the show on Twitter @RestartCast and check […]

Episode 79 – Tentacurious

Patch 8.3 is here! The first episode of 2020 features Thyst and Rho talking about what features they and others are most excited about with this week’s content update, “Visions of N’Zoth!” Follow Thyst on Twitter @Thyst03 and be sure to catch her on the Convert to Raid podcast! Follow us on Twitter @RestartCast!

Episode 77 – Anyone Can Cook

Belle returns to talk about the past, present, and future of PvP in World of Warcraft! How can War Mode be improved? Would taking two steps backward allow PvP to take a hundred steps forward? Will we EVER see PvP gear vendors again? At least one of these questions is answered, and when it’s all […]