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James "Dunkurk" Mckinven spent his younger years fighting with his brother over who’s turn it was to play SNES games, once world of warcraft was released he made the jump from runescape to warcarft and hasn’t looked back since. Dunkurk was an avid listener of wowradio and got involved with OMFG.fm fairly early on as a chat moderator/production assistant, helping with shows like Council of Six and CrossFaction.



His story goes back to OG WCRadio as co-host of the Essence of RP. Kex has always been involved with World of Warcraft from Vanilla all the way through the current product. He's seen all the raids that can be seen, done all the dungeons and can even be found in a Battleground every now and then. With a Horde logo proudly tattooed on his right forearm, there's no doubting his dedication to spreading blood and glory on the battlefield!



Since the days of Warcraft III, Farseer has been enamoured with World of Warcraft and it's story. Upon discovering WoW radio in 2007, he joined the station during the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, becoming the host of "Essence of Roleplay" along side Kexman. In 2017 a Twitch channel was started by Farseer now under the new alias; Farniro. The channel focuses on variety streaming across multiple genre's of games.


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