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Raging since 2015, Unshackled Fury is the thundering brainchild of Berzerker, a World of Warcraft Warrior who believes he has something to say about his beloved game and community, and someone, somewhere, surely wants to hear it. Coming in hot and uncensored every other week, Unshackled Fury brings you all the latest and greatest you need to know about the World of Warcraft, and beyond. So, jack in, load up, and hang on for the wildest ride on Warcraft Radio!

Devastatingly handsome, charismatic, blessed with a commanding voice, and oh so humble, Berzerker hails from NorCal, the land of thrash metal, silicon, and the produce on your table. With a lifetime of gaming experience, from the NES of the 80’s to the high-end PC of today, he’s spent the last 15 years rolling in the land of Azeroth, collecting stories spanning eight expansions, and beyond. Now on Warcraft Radio, this long-time raider, lore hound, and PvP denier has brought his special blend of uncensored warrior madness to fill your ears with all the rageaholic rantings, and important news of the day, you need to hear.

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