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Jay is the welcoming voice behind The Bard’s Tavern and the 2017 BlizzCon talent contest winner. An amatuer voice actor, podcaster, and streamer, Jay was 5 years old when he played his first Blizzard game. He was such a fan that during high school, he had a choice between going on a date or getting Sulfuras’ Hand of Ragnaros, and he chose the Hand of Ragnaros. Fast forward a few years, and he became the BlizzCon 2017 talent contest winner after recording a silly song he wrote while raiding Legion. He now enjoys creating a variety of music and talking about all things Geek on The Bard’s Tavern.

Welcome to The Bard’s Tavern, where we talk about all things within Geek culture. We are a monthly show interviewing amazing guests ranging from content creators , game devs, and voice actors, to bands, artists, and writers.. Come let us share stories with you in The Tavern!

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