Saturday Nights with Athalus is a live Radio show about World of Warcraft that airs every Saturday at 5pm EST / 10pm GMT on Warcraft Radio, at WarcraftRadio.com/Live, or on the Warcraft Radio iOS and Android apps. Each week, Athalus brings in a different guest to talk about the latest developments in World of Warcraft, and occasionally Heroes of the Storm.

Athalus grew up sneaking in to his living room late at night to play Warcraft II. As a high-school senior in 2004, he signed up for the Closed Beta test and was lucky enough to get in. Athalus created WoW Radio in October 2004, just before launch, to share his beta experiences in a livestreamed podcast . In 2006 Athalus chose to move on and pursue a career in Game Development. Athalus how now returned to re ignite the flame that is Warcraft Radio. 

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