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Looking for The Weekly Podcast Roundup?

Created by Brian “Rho” Black, now hosted by Gareth “Athalus” Cales and Einar “Ease” Schelin, Realm Maintenance aims to better connect its listeners with podcasters and other content creators that cover World of Warcraft and other Blizzard game franchises.

New episodes of Realm Maintenance in 2022 will be released on the last week of each month, featuring a recap of notable podcasts, an interview with the hosts of a show covering a Blizzard game, a new segment focused on video content creators, and the show’s famous “RNG” segment.

Rho has been an avid listener of Blizzard game podcasts for over 11 years, including shows such as Warcraft Radios own Blue Plz. Now both a fan and podcaster covering multiple Blizzard games, his Realm Maintenance podcast is currently in its 8th year of production. In addition to his own shows, he has previously been a co-host on All Things Azeroth and has served for multiple years as an assistant producer for Con Before the Storm’s annual World of Podcasts event held prior to each Blizzcon. 

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