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Welcome Home, BWTL.

But Wait! There’s Lore! is returning home to Warcraft Radio! Right here is where it all began for Pride and his legendary podcast all the

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Meet the Cast of Season 9


Shanyn fell into love with WoW back in November of 2004 when she got a beta access email, and after seeing she could play as a Tauren, there was no turning back. A dedicated gamer that has raided continuously, and at all levels, from Normal to Mythic – she knows the gameplay well and started getting more into lore as she made friends in the community and discussed the intricacies of the game’s history. Today, she maintains characters on both retail & classic and delves into the world of lore whenever she can!


Impervium is a twitch streamer and seasoned podcaster that has worked with Pride on several Projects in the past. Impervium, like many others, has been a fan of Warcraft Lore since the release of Warcraft III and is solely responsible for convincing Pride to bring back But Wait! There's Lore!


A very young Pride fell in love with the Story of Warcraft when as a child his mother picked up a copy of Warcraft III for his birthday. it continues to be his favorite video game of all time even to this day. Pride created and has been hosting But Wait! There's Lore! since 2008. In that time he turned the show into the longest running most successful Warcraft lore podcast of all time. Pride has 5 kids and a hectic work life but has managed to sneak in some time to get back to what he really loves -- Warcraft Lore.

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