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Dustin Hendrickson

Dustin Hendrickson was born in a small town in Kansas. After finding the station in 2005, Dustin went on to voice several characters in the Chalice of Silvermoon as well as co-host shows such as The Happy Hour Tavern, Learn 2 Play and The Donut Shop. Since then he has been working as a senior software engineer and has delved into the board game world by being a game designer for his own publishing company. The trio has recently been reunited as Dustin moved out to Los Angeles in 2018.

Erik Sanburn

"The Erik" Sanburn grew up in the mean pastures of Kansas. A collaborator on The Chalice of Silvermoon radio series and recurring co-host with Dustin and Kyle on the Happy Hour Tavern and Learn2Play. OMfG.FM shows included The Donut Shop, Unmasked, and the Tales from your Mom's Basement anthology series.

Kyle McCarley

Kyle McCarley grew up (but not really) in Kansas and moved to LA at 18 to study acting. After getting hooked on playing World of Warcraft with his buds, he co-wrote, co-directed, and voiced several characters in a fan-made online radio play. Once he finished his Theatre degree at the University of Southern California, he decided to further pursue that passion in the form a career in voice acting.

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