James Turnham

KikiJiki, like others before him is somewhat of a cynical person from the British Isles. He started playing Blizzard games with Diablo and has dipped his toes in most of the major games they've released since. He started playing World of Warcraft at EU release and although his WoW credentials are modest and outdated that's perfect since WoW Classic is about to release! You can find him farming soul shards when he's got downtime.

Classic Completionist is dedicated to all things World of Warcraft Classic. Whether it’s defeating all the raid content, maxing out professions or exploring the world we’ll be covering it, as well as speculating what comes next for Classic!

  • Leveling

    Get the most out of your classic leveling experience, whether it be the fastest ways, the most creative ways, or the down right hilarious ways to level, we'll help you conquer the grind the way you want!

  • Professions

    Professions in classic are incredibly important, and while Retail warcraft may have you slacking on that front, get back in the game as Kikijiki unlocks your professions greatest potential!

  • End Game

    Classic Endgame, from Raid strategies, interviews with to guilds, devs, and designers, to gear choices and spell rotations, the Classic Completionist won't let you get behind the curve!

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