Featuring : Kexman // Dunkurk // Farseer

Three opinionated folks with no fear of sharing them and telling the other two they are wrong! Join Dunkurk, Kexman, & Farseer for a no-holds barred look at Warcraft and how it makes them feel!

For Azeroth!

Featuring : Jocelyn // Manny

For Azeroth! or “FAZ” is a World of Warcraft Podcast with a leaning focus towards Lore, Community Resources, End Game PvE content, and speculation.

Girls Gone WoW

Featuring : Raven // E-J

Girls Gone WoW keeps the Warcraft community in the know from a fresh perspective. Join #teampositive and their plethora of guests from the community each and every week!

Technically PvP

Featuring : Gerissar // Andallyn

On a Bi-Weekly schedule, we discuss PvP in World of Warcraft, and analyze various aspects of it (battlegrounds, arenas, team compositions, classes and specializations, etc).

Realm Maintenance

Featuring : Rho // Athalus

Hosted by Brian “Rho” Black, Realm Maintenance aims to better connect its listeners with podcasters and other content creators that cover World of Warcraft and other Blizzard game franchises.


Featuring : Rho // Friends

Hearthcasual focuses on everything that happens off the Ranked ladder. Whether you’re a Casual deckbuilder, a Tavern Brawler, a fighter in the Arena or Battlegrounds, or you’re on a solo Adventure of your own, Hearthcasual has you covered!



Rolling Restart

Featuring : Rho // Friends

Rolling Restart tackles a variety of topics connected to retail World of Warcraft. This show places less of an emphasis on news and more on the state of the game and the community that supports it.

It’s Always Sunny in Stormwind

Featuring : Missildine // Paacreek // MrMiles

It’s Always Sunny in Stormwind is a podcast that focuses on a number of Blizzard Games. The cast is dedicated to sharing our experiences and love for Blizzard games with you! Three unique content creators who all have a passion towards Blizzard games and sharing that passion with our community! 

The Bards Tavern

Featuring : Jay, The Bard

Welcome to The Bard’s Tavern, where we talk about all things within Geek culture. We are a monthly show interviewing amazing guests ranging from content creators , game devs, and voice actors, to bands, artists, and writers.. Come let us share stories with you in The Tavern!

Warcraft Brew

Featuring : Quissy // Pastaface

Quissy & Pasta discuss all things related to Warcraft, including WoW Classic & Retail and other Blizzard related games, too.

But Wait! There’s Lore!

Featuring : Pride // Shanyn // Impervium

The Longest running, most popular world of warcraft podcast is back home on Warcraft Radio, and ready to serve you as your number one source of all things Warcraft lore. Join us as we venture beyond the pixels, code, and players… THIS is the STORY of WARCRAFT!

Saturday Nights w/Athalus

Featuring : Athalus // Friends

Saturday Nights with Athalus is a live Radio show about World of Warcraft that airs every Saturday at 5pm EST / 10pm GMT on Warcraft Radio, at, or on the Warcraft Radio iOS and Android apps. Each week, Athalus brings in a different guest to talk about the latest developments in World of Warcraft, and occasionally Heroes of the Storm.



Blizzconline Coverage

Event Coverage

Warcraft Radio is bringing a unique audio experience to Blizzconline for fans on the go! Tune into our web player. iphone & android apps, or use the Warcraft Radio alexa skill for live panel co-streams, exclusive developer interviews, in depth discussion and analysis of the panels and much much more throughout the entire Blizzcon weekend!

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