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Heart of Azeroth

Featuring : Athalus // Mango // Slanik

This show will be announced during our Launch Event!

Vendor Trash

Featuring : Slanik

Join Slanik as he discusses World of Warcraft, interacts with the thing that made WoW the most successful MMO of all time, the Community, and most of all tries to have as much fun as possible while doing it.


Featuring : Kexman // Dunkurk // Farseer

Three opinionated folks with no fear of sharing them and telling the other two they are wrong! Join Dunkurk, Kexman, & Farseer for a no-holds barred look at Warcraft and how it makes them feel!

Cutting Edge

Featuring : Kexman

Whether it’s the World First race, a Mythic+ Invitational, or the run-up to the Arena Grand Final at Blizzcon, it all takes place on the Cutting Edge of WoW content. Join Kexman as we delve deeper into the world of professionals and high stakes.

Classic Completionist

Featuring : Kikijiki

Classic Completionist is dedicated to all things World of Warcraft Classic. Whether it’s defeating all the raid content, maxing out professions or exploring the world we’ll be covering it, as well as speculating what comes next for Classic!

Happy Hour Tavern

Featuring : Kyle // Dustin // TheErik

A Game Dev, A Voice Actor, and…. Erik make up the trio of hosts that are once again unlocking the doors to the Happy Hour Tavern. No one’s quite sure whats going to happen when those doors open, not even themselves, but hey, if history tells us anything, it’s gonna be great!

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The Quest


More details will be announced on our Launch Event!

  • Specials & Features

Champions of the Dragon Aspects

Radio Play

Coming Soon!


Blizzcon 2019

Event Coverage

More details will be announced on our Launch Event!

Warcraft Radio Launch Event

Event Coverage

Join us on the 18th of August, LIVE on Twitch for a LEGENDARY Launch Stream. Celebrate with us as we welcome back shows of the past, introduce shows of the future, and bring in surprise guests! Whether you listened to the station back in 2009 or you’re a brand new listener, we’d love to see you all on the 18th of August!

  • In Development

The War Forge

Featuring : Pride

Premiering Fall 2019!


Featuring : TBA

Coming Soon!

Live Archieve Radio Stream