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Featuring : Kexman // Dunkurk // Farseer

Three opinionated folks with no fear of sharing them and telling the other two they are wrong! Join Dunkurk, Kexman, & Farseer for a no-holds barred look at Warcraft and how it makes them feel!

Heart of Azeroth

Featuring : Athalus // Mango // Slanik

Athalus, Mango, & Slanik sit down each week to discuss the happenings surrounding Azeroth and her community. Strap in for this journey into the Heart of Azeroth!

The War Forge

Featuring : Pride // Impervium

The War Forge keeps you up to date on all the news, community events, and esports happening in Warcraft : Reforged!  Sharpen your skills and stay in the know each wednesday at 6 Eastern (US)

Technically PvP

Featuring : Gerissar // Andallyn // Windstead

On a Bi-Weekly schedule, we discuss PvP in World of Warcraft, and analyze various aspects of it (battlegrounds, arenas, team compositions, classes and specializations, etc).

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Realm Maintenance

Featuring : Rho

Hosted by Brian “Rho” Black, Realm Maintenance aims to better connect its listeners with podcasters and other content creators that cover World of Warcraft and other Blizzard game franchises.


Featuring : Rho // Multizord

Hearthcasual focuses on everything that happens off the Ranked ladder. Whether you’re a Casual deckbuilder, a Tavern Brawler, a fighter in the Arena or Battlegrounds, or you’re on a solo Adventure of your own, Hearthcasual has you covered!

Rolling Restart

Featuring : Rho // Friends

Rolling Restart tackles a variety of topics connected to retail World of Warcraft. This show places less of an emphasis on news and more on the state of the game and the community that supports it.

It’s Always Sunny in Stormwind

Featuring : Missildine // Paacreek // MrMiles

It’s Always Sunny in Stormwind is a podcast that focuses on a number of Blizzard Games. The cast is dedicated to sharing our experiences and love for Blizzard games with you! Three unique content creators who all have a passion towards Blizzard games and sharing that passion with our community! 

  • Documentaries

The Quest


This documentary and interview series sees Athalus embark on a quest to answer a seemingly simple yet overly complicated question : What made World of Warcraft the most wildly successful MMO of all time?

  • Specials & Features

Blizzcon 2019

Event Coverage

On November 1st & Second, Warcraft Radio took to the skies from all around the globe to swoop down and bring you some of the most exciting, exclusive, and in depth coverage of Blizzards yearly hype event — BLIZZCON! 

Shadowlands Alpha

Event Coverage

Begining in 2020 warcraft radios in depth coverage of the latest world of warcraft expansion Shadowlands through it’s alpha testing period!

  • Coming Soon!

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