RWF 9.1 – Day Four Recap

Welcome to our fourth daily recap of the RWF 9.1!

Complexity Limit is back in the lead with 8/10 and Echo and Method are currently tied for 2nd place. Let’s take a look at Day 4. Be sure to check out the current rankings and the video’s transcript below!

Disclaimer: This video was recorded at 8:00pm EDT on 7/16/21. Rankings and information may have changed. 

Hello and welcome to Day Four of Warcraft Radio’s Coverage of the Race to World First: Sanctum of Domination! My name is MrMiles from It’s Always Sunny in Stormwind, and I’m here to talk about the exciting highlights of Day Four of the Race to World First – Sanctum of Domination!

While many guilds are still tackling the wall of Painsmith Reznal, we’ve had three more guilds break past. Complexity Limit snatched the lead back from Echo today by defeating Fatescribe Roh-Kalo, while Echo and Method are now tied for second place. Let’s take a look at today’s top 8 where they stand as of 8pm EDT / 2am CEST on July 16th.

The current standings are as follows: 

Current Rankings

After a long day of Heroic Splits, Complexity-Limit came back last night to take on Painsmith Reznal. It took a combined total of 163 pulls, but Limit was able to claim World Second against the most difficult wall in the Race thus far. Despite the late hour, they moved on to tackling the Guardian of the First Ones and managed to take him out after 16 pulls. They wrapped up for the night just as Europe began to wake up and continue the race.

Echo spent their day focusing on Heroic Splits, making them the last of the top 10 guilds to do so. Echo’s strategy for Heroic Splits included planning for at least 5-7 split groups per armor type AND rotating in up to 15 community members for Every. Single. Boss. Because of how far into the raid they waited to run Heroic splits, they were able to gather more Mythic gear prior to hunting down Heroic loot, reducing the amount of Heroic gear needed. Interestingly, when Limit began their splits before Painsmith, they had the same item level that Echo did, before Echo began their splits today. We’ll see if this strategy pays off when Echo returns to take on Fatescribe Roh-Kalo. We expect to see that Echo may now have a higher item level than Limit due to the extra time they spent on their Heroic gear farming.

While Echo focused on Heroic Splits, the rest of the top European guilds continued tackling the wall of Pain. Method spent a considerable amount of time today focusing on Raznal, but after 127 pulls, they managed to snag World 3rd on the Painsmith. They then quickly caught up to Echo, defeating the Guardian of the First Ones after just 14 pulls, snagging World 3rd, and tying for second place overall before retiring for the night.

Meanwhile, it was China’s second full day of the race, with several guilds working to catch up. Skyline, Ji Tian Hong, and Aster all defeated Soulrender today, moving to 5/10 bosses cleared. Aster then headed off to work on splits, whereas Skyline went on to tackle Painsmith. Skyline’s last attempt on Raznal was painfully close, ending the night at a 1% wipe. Ji Tian Hong was the third of these guilds to take Soulrender down and logged off for the night after completing the kill. 

Limit started their day off by fighting Fatescribe Roh-Kalo, and after several hours and 54 attempts, they snagged the World First title, keeping their lead for the rest of the day and giving us our first look at Mythic Kel’Thuzad. 

Kel’Thuzad is an interesting fight that is difficult to measure in terms of traditional methods of measuring progress. Kel’thuzad’s health bar is actually drained 3 times through the course of the fight, as guilds will clear phase 1 and phase 2 twice. During phase 1, there is significant add management, as well as an interesting Blizzard mechanic that is similar to the Wrathion encounter in Ny’alotha. In Phase 2, some melee raiders enter Kel’Thuzad’s phylactery, where they must quickly slay a fragment of Kel’Thuzad’s soul to emerge and rejoin the raid. Other raiders stay out of the phylactery, handling abomination style adds in a callback to Naxxrammas, where we first fought Kel’Thuzad. These phases are repeated twice, followed by a final Phase 3 burn, in which mechanics from Phase 1 and Phase 2 are combined, and KT’s health bar must be drained one final time before the room fills up with frost.

In other North American news, Big Dumb Golden Guardians secured World 4th on Painsmith, and are currently tackling the Guardian of the First Ones as of the time of this recording.

One of the wholesome stories to come out of the Race to World First is the emphasis on charity drives focused on mental health. Complexity Limit and Echo have partnered together to raise funds for Rise Above the Disorder. Combined, the two guilds have raised over $15,000. Rise Above the Disorder is focused on providing free mental health services for anyone, anywhere.

Method is also supporting Mental Health, focused on the UK-based charity, Mind. The story behind Mind is a unique one, having started out as a World of Warcraft guild, and then growing into a non-profit focused first on gamers’ mental health. They have since grown to support anyone suffering from mental health challenges. Warcraft Radio applauds the efforts of all of these guilds to raise money for mental health charities, as the last year and a half have certainly been a challenge for so many people.

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