Episode 300 – The End & The Beginning

The 300th episode of Realm Maintenance features a special interview with WoW Community Manager Randy Jordan, aka Kaivax! Welcome to the end of one chapter and the beginning of a new one for the Realm Maintenance podcast. Find out more about the exciting changes for all three Realm Maintenance Productions podcasts at the the top of the show. In the RNG segment, Rho welcomes back Frostee from The Worgen’s Howl and Frozen Fox Media to discuss random topics and what the future holds. Following that, Jan, the former host of Something Suggestive returns to the show for a bonus segment of RNG. Make sure to listen to the entire show to find out how you can enter to win a 15th Anniversary Collector’s Edition of World of Warcraft! Listen to this episode now on your favorite podcast app or using the player found on our new show page!

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Weekly Podcast Roundup : Dec. 9 – 15, 2019

Every Monday**, the crew behind the Realm Maintenance podcast bring you a long list of WoW and other Blizzard franchise podcasts that were published the week and weekend before. If you don’t see your favorite Blizzard franchise podcast listed, email Be sure to leave a link to it, and we’ll pick it up next week. All podcasts and content belong to their owners. Warcraft Radio and Realm Maintenance are not responsible for what you hear, and some of the content may not be safe for work. General Blizzard Podcasts Blizzard Watch – Episode 245        The Instance – 2020 Vision  World of Warcraft Podcasts Adventures in Azeroth – Still Can’t Dance  All Things Azeroth – Dapper Doggos Azeroth Roundtable – Pre-Panda and Post-Panda  Citizens of Azeroth – There’s Gold in the World of Warcraft Convert to Raid – Free Loot Inside! The Converted – Classic Raiding with Big O and Littlewing Ctrl Alt WoW – Ode to

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Warcraft Radio Weekly

You Think You Do But You Don’t! #11 Kexman & Farseer Strike Back! It’s been a slow week for the World of Warcraft but that won’t stop the team from bringing you all the good stuff to make your brain question everything the game does! Kexman & Farseer delve deep into the Raids, How to Improve loot? And what do you guys want to see? But let’s not forget Classic! Bringing Blizzard huge numbers in more ways than one! Sprinkle in some good old Essence madness and we have ourselves a show! The War Forge #5 Night Elves & Replays Hype!! Pride and Impervium look over the patch notes and new models for Warcraft 3 reforged and take a deep dive into massive Warcraft 3 reforged development team losses this week! Heart of Azeroth #12 Post Blizzcon Blues In their first episode since BlizzCon weekend, Athalus and Mango break down

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The War Forge Postponed

This weeks episode of the War Forge will be pushed back to tomorrow, Thursday Nov. 14th at 6PM EST. Where we’ll be talking about all thing Warcraft III : Reforged! And all the ways you can become a better player, INSTANTLY!

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