Its Always Sunny in Stormwind! Ep 13: We Need to Talk…

Hello everyone,

To start things off, we never claim to be experts on anything. The only thing we can speak on are our own experiences and how we’re experiencing the world. We have a small platform but at the end of the day it would be highly irresponsible for us to not speak out on the injustices of the world. In this episode we attempt to discuss George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter movement. We stand in full support and solidarity of George Floyd’s family and the protesters out there taking to the streets and raising their voices. We understand that some of you may find this conversation to be offputting , uncomfortable, or “too political” but this is not a political issue and we will never treat it as such. It is time for us to have the uncomfortable conversations because we cannot progress as human beings if we don’t have them and learn something from them.

We did also manage to talk about some some of our upcoming plans for Pride month, celebrate our 6 month anniversary of the show, and some Blizzard news but we have to admit that while its hard to see, there is still good in the world.


-Patrick, Miles, and Cory

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