Girls Gone WoW For Warcraft Radio!

Warcraft Radio is absolutely delighted to welcome the latest podcast to join our ever growing family! Girls Gone WoW is a community podcast where E-J and Raven talk to ordinary, everyday wow players about what they enjoy doing in game. Listeners contribute to show topics and let the community know what they’ve been up to each week in the ‘week in wow’ segment. “GGW” welcomes anyone to guest on the show, whether they have been on a podcast before or not! Alongside the show they have a thriving discord community where they run casual normal raid teams on both EU and NA regions and a number of mythic plus teams.

This week on their show they announced their move to Warcraft Radio and invited Athalus on to the show where he was the first to welcome them on board! Next week on their Warcraft Radio debut episode they’ll be joined by a fellow member of the family : Rho from Realm Maintenance, Hearthcasual, and Rolling Restart as well as the creator and manager of the Blizzard Podcast Directory to discuss the current state of Warcraft Podcasting!

Be sure to head over to the Girls Gone WoW Show Page for more information and you can find EJ and Raven on twitter @Totally_EJ & @SilkyRaven

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