ABK releases its Diversity Space Tool and then quickly has to set the record straight; there are more questions than answers in the latest 9.2.5 build; and, finally, Liv and Manny have parted ways?!

Diversity Space Tool

ABK continues to fumble its public image as the company attempts to promote diversity. A new development tool has been publicized in a blog article.

  • The Diversity Space Tool looks at a number of factors and parts of a character or a cast make-up and scores it based on how diverse the representation might or might not be.
  • King has developed the tool in concert with MIT to fight against stereotypes and tokenism
  • The tool has been in development since 2016
  • There was a strong backlash against the tool when presented on Thursday.
  • After business hours on Friday, the blog post was edited to address some of the feedback.
  • While Overwatch characters were featured prominently along side the tool the tool was not used by the Overwatch team.

New 9.2.5 Build

The latest build of patch 9.2.5 has a couple of elements that have people talking; but neither are the usual conversations!

Social Contract

  • There is a new prompt that includes a social contract for the World of Warcraft.
  • This contract must be accepted before continuing play within WoW.
Hail, traveler, and welcome to the World of Warcraft! Azeroth is a living world full of people like you - other players with different backgrounds, cultures, experiences, and histories who have all come together to play World of Warcraft. Every player deserves to have a world that they feel safe in, so please take a minute to read our Social Contract.
While in Azeroth, do your best to:
  • Connect with other players and make friends! Being courteous in group content can help you and your teammates have the best time possible. Sending a friendly hello message can help set your group up for success.
  • Play as a team with your fellow players – whether in dungeons, raids, battlegrounds, arenas, or out questing in the world. Do your best to support your team through your communication and behaviors so that you can all celebrate your success together.
  • Assist other players that you encounter in the world. Maybe they need some help defeating a tough monster, or maybe they could use a little healing!
  • Help answer questions others have in chat channels like General or Trade. We were all newbies once – one person offering some help can go a long way!

We recognize that the Internet is not always a safe haven. With that in mind, please note that the following behaviors are not accepted in Azeroth:

  • Hate speech, including negative comments that target another player’s identity, including aspects like race, gender, or ability
  • Harassment, threats, or abusive / derogatory language and behaviors
  • Spamming, advertising, or other disruptive behaviors
  • If you harm your fellow adventurers with any of the above behaviors, you are subject to punishment up to and including suspension of your account.

It’s a big world out there, with all sorts of people in it. So please try to be respectful of each other, and if you ever feel like somebody is acting against this code, please report those behaviors so that our team can look into it. Together, you can help us make the World of Warcraft a safe home away from home for everyone.

Encrypted Splash Screen 

  • The Splash included in the new build is encrypted and not viewable on the PTR
  • The text is readable in the data and says:
  • New in Season 4!
    • Shadowlands Season 4
      • Earn new rewards in Mythic Keystone dungeons and PvP.
    • New Mythic+ Dungeons
      • Experience iconic legacy dungeons with Mythic affixes!
    • Fated Raids
      • Return to Shadowlands raids for a new challenge and new rewards
  • There is a lot of specualtion about larger story elements being included in the final patch of Shadowlands.

Curseforge Restricts API

The announcement states directly that they’ve denied API application to WowUp, which will soon lose access to the entirety of the curseforge addons.

  • This was done as a result of’s announcement to go into partnership with WowUp, citing that it breaks section 3.1 of their terms of service.
    • “Developer shall not use the API or SDK, or any materials obtained through the API or SDK, in order build any product or service that competes, directly or indirectly, with CF, CFC or the Platform.”
  • This will mean that WowUp and respectively will have to find a way to incentivize addon creators to publish their addons through WowUp.
  • Overwolf had decided to do this in order to not eat the cost of hosting the API for direct competitors of their service.

CABK moves to have DFEH case dismissed

ABK has filed a motion to have the DFEH’s case against it dismissed.

The filing claims the case has been brought forward in bad faith and that the DFEH failed to properly investigate claims prior to the filing of the lawsuit.

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