The Developers continue to share information and developments on the Community Council. Liv and Manny discuss the revelations for Dragonflight and season 4!

Shadowlands Season 4

The latest build of the PTR includes vendors that offer raid loot.

  • Puzzling Cartel Dinar, which you’ll get 3 for the whole season.
  • Spend them wisely as the vendors will disappear after you’ve spent your third Dinar.
  • Items will sell in the season 4 ilvl range of 278-285, depending on the item
  • You’ll acquire the Dinar through a 3 part questline, available by entering any shadowlands raid at the start of the season
  • The Quests will see you kill a certain number of Fated bosses
    • Cannot kill the same boss on multiple difficulties for credit
    • First quest will be 30 bosses, second quest is 20, final quest is 10, so that coins come faster as the season goes on.
  • Heroic and Mythic difficulty bosses will drop shards for that difficulty that will allow you to upgrade pieces of raid loot from any difficulty below it.
    • Shards can only be used on season 4 items with the ‘Fated’ tag
    • All ‘Fated’ bosses will have a 100% drop rate of these shards
    • Currently, 20 shards will be required to upgrade a piece.
    • Upgrading an item to Heroic requires a Normal *or* LFR fated piece, and likewise for Mythic which will require a LFR, Normal *or* Heroic fated piece.
  • 9.2 tier sets will remain active in season 4
  • Creation Catalyst will remain in season 4, any Fated non-tier piece will be able to be turned into 
  • Domination shards and socket bonuses will remain disabled for the season (yay!)
  • LFR will start day 1 with all wings available, on rotation as to which raid is ‘Fated’ week to week.
  • World bosses related to each raid as they’re on the ‘Fated’ rotation will scale up as well, with rewards for those respective world bosses dropping 285 Fated gear.
    • For the Nathira world bosses (the four in the original SL zones) the one that happens to be up that week will be the one that’s up that week will be boosted.
  • Season 4 Keystone Master mount is now a Big Voidwalker™

Dragonflight Profession Update Details

Rewards and Profession Designer Drough introduced himself on the forums this week and quickly took to explaining the plans for professions in Dragonflight. Over the course of 2 days, a lot of previously unknown information has been shared via the community council forums. 

Skilling up

  • There will be multiple ways to improve in a profession.
  • We will level Dragonflight crafting skills from 1 to cap. Skilling up as in previous expansions.
  • As you skill up in crafting you will be better than you were earlier in the journey to skill up.
  • There will be professional gear with unique stats
  • Crafters will develop specialization for professions. These specializations will help particular recipes by giving bonus skill and bonuses to those recipes.
  • Specialization points are earned in a variety of ways
    • Making recipes for the first time
    • Discoveries in the world
    • One time quests
    • Professional Achievements
    • Factions and NPCs (repeatable)
    • Fulfilling crafting orders for others (repeatable)
    • Finding treasures out in the world (repeatable)
  • There are ways of getting better outcomes with each craft and becoming more adept.
  • Some optional reagents will lower the difficulty of a recipe. This may reduce the skill up from creating the item but also may allow a higher quality version to be achieved.


  • The intention is that crafted gear will be relevant across all activities.
  • The most powerful gear will require soulbound reagents.
  • The team wishes to limit the grind in crafting. Earning crafted gear should feel like a bonus, an adventure, and a social experience.

Interweaving Professions

  • Crafters will craft items for other professions such as Blacksmith’s crafting mining picks or needles
  • Enchantments and consumables will be created for professions


  • Inspiration is a stat that might grant bonus skill to any outcome.
  • It works like crit where you have a chance to be inspired and more of the stat means a higher chance.


  • You can take any Dragonflight crafted gear back to the crafting screen
  • Spending a special reagent, plus a small subset of the original reagents from the recipe will allow you to recraft the item.
  • You can then swap out optional reagents. The item will be reforged with a new quality.
  • It is possible to alter the Secondary Stats when recrafting.
  • The new quality will be determined by your current skill and the new setup of reagents.
  • Recrafting can be done via work orders.
  • You can craft something early for an immediate power gain and then have it recrafted later to make it the best it can be.
  • The base cost of the same item at any quality is the same.
  • Use higher-quality reagents in your recipe to increase the difficulty.
  • Using a new type of consumable reagent that we are calling Finishing Reagents. These reagents give you bonuses while crafting the recipe, and some of them can directly improve your skill, and thus quality, when used. An example might be a blacksmith using a special quenching oil, or a jewelcrafter using a special polishing cloth while cutting gems.
  • Some crafting stats can improve the resulting quality crafted. One of these is Inspiration. The more inspiration you have, the better chance to be Inspired while crafting, gaining some bonus skill to be applied to the outcome. Basically a crafting “crit”. While we want the system to be largely about long-term progression and opt-in bonuses, inspiration provides a form of opt-in randomness. If you choose to specialize or gear towards Inspiration, you may be able to craft something at a higher quality than your current level of progression would otherwise allow (when you become inspired). The idea is this adds some additional excitement to the crafting process through variable outcomes, but that it is never required to be able to craft things at the highest level of quality.
  • Optional reagents – Using most optional reagents will actually increase the difficulty of the recipe, and thus require a higher skill to craft it at a high quality. Conversely, if you choose to use an optional reagent that, for instance, lowers the item level of the item you are crafting, it will actually lower the difficulty of the recipe and make it easier to craft at a high quality.

PvP in Dragonflight

Brian Holinka aka Desvin answering some questions about PvP

  • Will interrupts be on the talent trees forcing people to take it for viability in pvp?
    • No word on that exactly, they’re working on getting the talent trees in front of us as quickly as possible to get feedback on that.
    • Talents will start from level 10, 1 point per level all the way to 60 (51 points total). 26 points going to the class tree, 25 to the spec tree.
    • Hoping there’s enough variety available that people don’t feel cornered into taking specific talents for the sake of viability, trying to offer compelling choices and player agency within the trees.
  • Ranked Solo Shuffle is happening and will work the same way as it does in the brawl currently, 6 rounds of rotating teams. Rewards are being worked on, though Elite PvP gear is certainly going to be included in the rewards.
  • The PvP talents will carry over into the new expansion, an available pool of talents that players will be able to choose 3 of for any pvp (war mode or instanced) content.
  • Trinket set bonuses are likely to carry over, they’re happy with how it worked out in SL, but will be adjusting the tuning knobs

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