Liv and Manny start looking closer at the anticipated systems coming in Dragonflight. Information continues to be uncovered with another set of interviews throughout this past week. Our hosts review what we know so far about the New Talent Trees and the Professional Revamp; and, consider how these will play out in the upcoming expansion!

Revamped Talent Trees

What we know about talents changes coming in the next expansion:

  • Each class will have a baseline class tree; and, separate trees for each spec
    • Class trees will be available to all specializations, will cover more “utility” based aspects of the classes
    • Through-put and power comes from the Specialization Tree
  • You’ll be able to save multiple “load-outs” for your talents for easy swapping between builds
    • They’ve said they want to work on allowing people to share builds directly in-game with a link, similar to transmog links, no word on when we might expect that feature.
    • Suggested you can only make load-outs in towns, maybe by talking with class trainers? Unsure 100% on that, but we know they want to limit loadout creation in some way.
    • You’ll be able to swap builds whenever you want, so long as you’re out of combat
  • Talents will hold a large part of player power. Gear will hold most of the balance. No other systems layered upon it.
    • Ion says they’ve received the feedback that losing a huge chunk of player power at the end of an expansion to make room for the next power system feels too bad. 
    • The brunt of player power will be held within the talent system, and gearing to be the primary source of additional power on top of that, cutting down severely on the system layering from previous expansions.

Professional Revamp

Professions will be fleshed out to become full-blown identities to base characters around in the new expansion. 


  • Your character will be able to craft higher and higher quality gear by creating more of a type of gear
  • Profession Talents and Specialization will assist in creating higher quality gear, as well as efficiency


  • Each specialization will be available to any available professions from the outset of the expansion
  • All specializations will also not be exclusive, meaning you can work to be a master of all the specializations your chosen professions have to offer.
    • Example: you could start off as a Mooncloth specialist, but also work on Spellcloth and Shadowcloth, or just choose to pick one and roll with it and never touch the others
      • We don’t know what all the specializations for each profession will be at this point in time, I’m just using those as an example

Talent trees

  • Talent trees come to professions that will aid in the progression of each profession, allowing players to customize how they interact with the crafting systems much more closely.
  • Talents will help inform a specialization, but will not exclusively determine it.
  • Talents will affect craft quality, amount of materials used for specific crafts, open up types of materials used for crafts, etc

Work Orders

  • This system will be integrated with the auction house system
  • Players will be able to directly ask for crafters to make certain items and even offer up any number of materials themselves for a job, set gold offers, etc.


  • Not everything will require a workbench to create, but the more impactful the craft is, the more likely it is that you’ll need to be at one to craft it.
  • We know there will be a workbench in Tyr’s Hold (new hub city)

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