Liv and Manny are joined by Joce to give first impressions of the Dragonflight expansion reveal. Excitement mixes with caution as we talk about what has been put forward and what is coming in Warcraft’s 9th expansion!

Dragonflight Unveiled

World of Warcraft’s ninth expansion was revealed to the public this past Tuesday

  • Dragonflight
  • New Zone: Dragon Isles
    • 5 areas
      • Waking Shores
      • Ohn’arhran Plains
      • Azure Span
      • Thaldraszus 
      • Dracthyr Starting Zone: Forbidden Reach
  • Tyr’s Hold: Neutral Expansion Capital
  • New System – Dragonriding
    • “Flight” system with skill up
    • Uses momentum, physics, and gravity
    • Only in the new area
    • Customize your dragon
  • New Race: Dracthyr
    • Created by Neltharion as footsoldiers
    • Two forms:
      • A draconic Dracthyr form when in combat (may not be constant)
      • The humanoid Visage form
    • Players may customize each form independently from one another
    • The team is developing even more customizations than we have seen thus far
    • The visage form will show all your armor
    • Barbershops can change Dracthyr armor as part of customization options
  • New Class: Evoker
    • Hero Class that starts at level 58
    • Two specs like the Demonhunter: ranged dps and healer, Preservation
    • Wears Mail armor
    • Currently designed with a shorter range (roughly 25-30 yards vs normal range at 40)
    • New spellcasting mechanic – empower
      • Hold and release cast.
      • You can change the effect of empowered spells based on how long you hold before releasing.
  • Only Dracthyr can be Evokers and Evokers are the only class available to Dracthyr at this time.
  • Talent Tree changes
    • Saved loadouts
  • Profession changes
    • Work orders
    • Profession gear with stats and its own gear slots
    • Item quality, for crafted items AND gathered mats!

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