The future of Warcraft is coming! What shape will that future take? Jared and Manny agree on very little; but, are excited about a lot.

Pocopoc Customization

This week Team 2 hot-fixed in the drops for the cosmetic customization of our little buddy, Pocopoc.

  • The Core Configuration Console can be found inside Exile’s Hollow.
  • Customization options now drop from rares and from chests all over ZM
  • They can be customized with different color configurations for the body and components
  • They can have additional decorative components added to arms and face.

9.2.5 Hints at the Future

There are a few new systems and updates being implemented on the PTR that hint towards larger changes in the future. 

  • Upgrade “Empowered Raid items”
    • Gear upgrades for season 4 of shadowlands for gear obtained in raids
    • Will combine 20 “Confounding Antique/Ancient Ciphers” in order to upgrade to appropriate ilvl (antique for heroic, ancient for mythic)+
  • 3 vendors have shown up on the 9.2.5 ptr that seem to suggest we’ll be able to purchase select raid pieces from vendors, one from each Shadowlands raid.
  • New UI reporting options added, three main categories being Open World, Premade Group Finder, and Trade Chat.
    • Open World
      • Inappropriate Name
        • Character Name
        • Battle Tag
        • Group Name
        • Guild Name
      • Gameplay Sabotage
        • AFK/Non-Participation
        • Intentionally Feeding
        • Blocking Team Progress
      • Cheating
        • Hacking
        • Botting
    • Premade Group
      • Inappropriate Communication
        • Advertisement
        • Description
      • Inappropriate Name
        • Group Name
        • Character Name
    • Trade Chat
      • Inappropriate Communication
        • Text-Chat
        • Spam
        • Advertisement
        • Boosting/Deranking
      • Inappropriate Name
        • Character Name
        • Battle Tag
        • Group Name
Warcraft Radio Interviews Morgan Day

Athalus from WCR sat down with Morgan Day and asked a few questions about this latest RWF and lessons learned by the team to glean more info about the design philosophy going forward for Team 2.

  • Tier sets are good, they have heard the feedback loud and clear, they’re staying
  • Tier set acquisition conversations internally are about how they can keep it from feeling bad
    • Morgan talked about the question of “does my class feel complete without this bonus”
    • They made the change to tier set tradeability to keep people from having to do ridiculous things to get it, but ended up just making another hoop to jump through, so will be reassessing.
  • They want the vault to feel like it’s a reason to play week to week and that you’re always excited to open it
  • They want to continue to decrease barriers for people to be able to play with their friends, starting with tearing down the faction divide.

Creation Catalyst

This coming week marks the activation of the Creation Catalyst. This system will allow players to convert select gear into tier pieces among other things.

There will be a breadcrumb quest when you log in after the reset. It is not required to complete the quest to activate the catalyst nor the teleporter up to the building.

Eligible Gear comes from:

  • Mythic Keystones
  • Raid Gear
  • PvP Gear
  • Sandworn Relic Gear

Eligible pieces in the correct armor slot will convert into tier gear.

  • Helm
  • Shoulders
  • Chest
  • Hands
  • Legs

When changed into a different piece the secondary stats on the gear will change.

The item appearance will change.

Additional modifiers on the gear will transfer over to the new piece of gear.

  • Item Level (including PvP modifier)
  • Tertiary stats such as avoidance, indestructible, leech, and speed.
  • Gem sockets and any gems in the sockets
  • Upgrade Level if the piece is from the current Mythic Keystone season or current PvP season.

Depending on which piece you’re upgrading with the Catalyst, it will have a different  Cosmic Flux cost.

  • Bracers and Cloaks: 600
  • Belts and Boots: 800
  • Gloves and Shoulders: 1200
  • Chests, Helms, and Legs: 1500

The gear you receive is based on your class. Wowhead has a list of the resulting base gear that each class receives from the catalyst.

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