There are a lot of conversations happening about Eternity’s End. Jared and Manny discuss the latest updates and what they mean for the future of the World of Warcraft.

PTR Updates

A new build of the upcoming patch is now deployed and there are a lot of updates still to come.

  • Vessel of Profound Possibilities 
    • Upgrades all Conduits to 278. 
    • Requires Exalted reputation with Enlightened, plus an achievement of either Mythic raid, Keystone Hero, or Elite Shadowlands Season 3 achievements.
  • Font of Ephemeral Power – BoA item available for 500 gold at Honored Enlightened reputation to learn all conduits and set their ilvl to 226
  • Tier Sets updates: Demon Hunter, and Warlock
    • Tier Sets are believed to drop as bonus loot in addition to base loot
    • 4 piece is not attainable before Mythic difficulty unlocks
    • Tier pieces are tradable but are not tier tokens
  • Discussions about upcoming Tier tuning: Death Knight, Rogue
  • Class Tuning: Death Knights, and Paladins
  • Cosmic Flux has been introduced but the Creation Catalyst has not.
    • Rewarded from raid bosses, PvP, Mythic+, Torghast, Tower of the Damned, and Zereth Mortis activities.
  • New ZM side quests added.
  • First details on raid trinkets datamined
  • Enigma Arena will not release with 9.2 but will come later

Double Legendary Acquisition

We were going to talk about this anyway, but a listener of the show, Zander, asked a two-parter question that we felt was appropriate to ask now. 

“Not sure how spoilery you guys want to get on the show but I would love to hear your take on the rep requirement for the ability to wear a second legendary. First off, Is Revered to high? I think it should be at Honored. I feel like it is something you should have at the beginning of the raid and from what I hear, it sounds like you won’t be able to get it until the raid has been out like 3 weeks. And that is if you don’t miss one day of rep. That is crappy in my opinion.

And secondly, is there an inherent problem with daily rep gains? I feel it leads to a big FOMO if you have to miss a couple of days. I know they only take 20-30 minutes but a lot of people can’t log on every day. Some people might have a lot of time to play but only on like 2-3 days a week. I wish there was something implemented that if you missed a few days you could make it up.”

Solo Shuffle Discussion

Desvin joined a Community Council discussion to talk about issues with the Solo Shuffle.

  • Early leaver penalties
  • Protection Paladins squaring off against each other rather than other tanks
  • Brawl used to test for further issues.
  • Brawl will be heavily incentivized to encourage testing.

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