Legion Timewalking is upon us but the Mage Tower is not getting the warm welcome that was expected.

9.2 PTR Latest Build

This week the 2nd testable build of 9.2 has hit the Public Test Realms. Along with several additions in this build Team 2 has also been discussing future elements yet to be made available for testing.

Cypher of the First Ones

  • form.
  • The system unlocks at the end of Chapter 3 of the 9.2 campaign and is the outdoor progression system of the tier.
  • It is currently at a very early stage in development. Get your input in now!
  • No power given in instances; however, there are Pocopoc combat abilities that can aid in the non-instanced area of Zerith Mortis.
  • 4 columns of upgrades
    • Metrial – Core Systems
    • Aealic – Console  Upgrades
    • Dealic – Wildlife Control
    • Trebalim – Pocopoc Upgrades
  • Each column must be unlocked in order from left to right. Upgrades in each column can be researched in any order. 
  • You can research multiple upgrades at a time; but, only 1 per column at a time.
  • Cyphers used to pay for upgrades can be found in chests in ZM, from rares, and from certain  world quests
  • Each Upgrade has different research times.
  • There are several UIs connected to this system that are not read for testing at this time.
  • Flying in ZM is unlocked by activating EVERYTHING in all four columns (hopefully a placeholder)
  • Wowhead and MMO-Champion have articles based on data-mining.

Strength shield data-mined which has the ability to shift between DPS and Tanking capabilities

  • This could be great for the two classes that use strength shields, but creates a weird precedent where having the shield as Warrior or Paladin tanks gives you a distinct advantage of increased dps while you aren’t the primary tank over the other 4 tank classes that cannot equip a shield.
  • Maybe this will show a shift in design philosophy for tanking in general back to the days of stance swapping, where all tanks will have the choice of dealing more damage or taking damage depending on what’s needed.

Many changes to tier set bonuses were revised with further changes announced.

Warlock Tier Helm Revised

  • Initial showing of the warlock tier set was widely received as problematic, specifically the hood resembling the profile of a bad group in the real world, the KKK.
  • Changes were made to the helmet for all variations of the set, but the point was kept in in this latest build
  • Further changes need to be made to distance the hood from such an icon of bigotry.

Sepulcher of the First Ones Testing

Jared dived into the PTR to test several bosses for the upcoming raid. Thus far Team 2 has tested 4 encounters all on the heroic difficulty.

  • 4th encounter in the dungeon journal
  • 1 phase fight
  • Dausenge corrupts four beacons over the course of the fight
  • Each time she dominates a beacon, the boss gains a shield that must be burned down before she finishes the channel. 
  • Enrage once all 4 beacons are corrupted
  • There is a Staggering Barrage ability that targets 1 person but must be intercepted by multiple people to avoid one-shotting the target.
  • Depending on tuning this could very well be the first gear check of the raid.
  • Skolex, the Insatiable Ravener
    • 2nd encounter in the dungeon journal
    • Also 1 phase fight
    • Multiple tank mechanics to juggle
    • Raid wide damage mitigation and management/coordination
    • Will pick off players 1 by 1 if no one is within melee range
  • Artificer Xy’mox
    • 3rd encounter in dungeon journal
    • Several elements of original Xy’mox fight remain, including stasis and bomb
    • Bomb now yeets everyone across the platform to the tank inflicted
    • Incorporated element of Taz’avesh (wall teleport boss)
      • Interdimensional Wormholes will be needed to deal with this mechanic as player blinks did not work during testing
    • Adds brought in that must be dealt with swiftly or wipe ensues.
  • Lihuvim, Principal Architect
    • 6th encounter in dungeon journal
    • 2 phase fight, 1st phase is attempting to limit/control the automa that spawn, 2nd phase is dealing with activated automa.
    • Encounter seems to be hinged on spacial awareness/management
    • Four possible automa that will have to be dealt with one way or another through encounter
      • Defence Matrix Automa, will be used to reduce Cosmic damage incoming on the raid
      • Guardian Auroma, will create sentries that will deal damage within certain range
      • Acquisitions Automa, will explode and knock back raiders within 40 yards
      • Degeneration Automa, will deal rapid DoT to random raiders while active.

Mage Tower Rage

This week Legion Timewalking arrived. This has been what many people have considered the big ticket of 9.1.5. However, many have been left with a sour taste in their mouth due to the difficulty of the returning Mage Tower.

  • Some have completed encounters with relatively few attempts while others have thrown up their arms in frustration.
  • Community Manager, Linxy has taken to the forum to advise that the team believes that some of the encounters are over-tuned and those encounters will be addressed.
  • The difficulty of the Mage Tower was increased over what was last tested on the PTR. There have been nearly universal health and damage increases to enemies; as well as, additional restrictions in effects that are not active in the Mage Tower scenarios.

The Community Council Forum is live!

This past week, Emails were sent out to all the applicants chosen to join the Community Council, the latest project of team 2 to keep an open dialogue about the game’s development and to have a direct and visible line of communication with the community. With the council members chosen, the last step for the launch of this project was to have the forum open up. It has, and discussions are already well under way.

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