The 9.2 PTR is live. Jared and Manny recount their hands-on time with Eternity’s End. No story spoilers but a lot of insights come from what the team is putting forward.

9.2 PTR is Here

Initial content is available for testing at an earlier point in development than we have experienced before.

Tier sets are up for testing

  • A few changes have already started to crop up
    • Shadow Priests are having their 2-piece bonus shifted to focus on Devouring Plague (NYI)
    • Restoration Druid having both 2 and 4-piece bonuses reworked (no details yet)
    • Brewmaster Monk 4-piece to be reworked (no details yet)
    • Restoration Shaman having both 2 and 4-piece bonuses reworked to feel more rewarding (no details yet)
    • The Protection Paladin 4-piece is going to be reworked to keep the power bonus of free judgments from scaling out of control. The concern with the current iteration incentivizes massive pulls for a constant stream of holy power to spend.
  • The tier set bonuses as of this first full day of testing are not all working as intended and many are slated for rework. Having the set bonuses available for testing this early on in the testing cycle for the patch is great because it gives the devs an opportunity to get solid feedback on how these bonuses feel to play around with and will afford them more opportunity to iterate on the bonuses themselves in the context of all the other systems that are already in play.

Zerith Mortis is fully explorable with the first 3 chapters of the campaign for 9.2 available for testing

  • Our first impressions are that the new zone feels to be 10 times the size of Korthia, which is very welcomed
  • Zerith Mortis feels larger than Nazjatar, even without the verticality layering that made Nazjatar feel larger than it actually was, with lots of room for activities (through the cipher) to build out as the weeks/story progress. 
  • Structurally the zone is set up like a cross between Mechagon and Suramar, though reaching the pinnacle of storytelling that was achieved in Suramar is going to be difficult to do in one patch as opposed to the near 2 whole patches that Suramar saw development through.

Alts can skip the introduction to the new zone.

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