Manny is joined by Shoeboots while Jared and the US celebrate Thanksgiving. We talk about the emerging details of Eternity’s End. Also the unthinkable has happened: Manny has gone over to the Alliance?!?

The Starting Zone interviews Morgan Day

Spencer Downey and Sheild Walled sat down with Lead Game Designer, Morgan Day. To talk about the PvE content of 9.2.

  • The Cypher of the First Ones is the major progression system of the tier but is not mandatory.
    • Focuses on Outdoor Content and exploration
    • The talent tree was likened to Torghast’s Box of Many Things
    • Will unlock quests, give buff for players in non-instanced content. 
    • It is related to two forges that players use to make collectibles (pets and mounts).
    • The cypher will unlock as players progress through the main storyline.
    • The unlocks will be account-wide
  • Sepulcher of the First Ones
    • There will not be fights as long as the Sylvanas encounter or other lengthy fights seen in SoD
    • They want to avoid having too many fights that lend themselves towards holding damage and lining up CDs
    • Skips are being planned for the raid
    • The Anduin Encounter is being billed as something that would be an end boss encounter in any other raid.
  • Tier Sets
    • Tier sets will be 5 pieces and will initially come from the raid.
    • Later we will be able to get tier pieces from the Great Vault and then unlock the ability to turn gear into tier gear.
    • Tier bonuses will be the same regardless of source and work in all content.
    • Tier pieces will have a set stat line and will not have tertiary stats.
  • Legendaries
    • You will not have to go into Torghast to get the upgrade materials for the new tier(s)
    • The new legendary will come from the new content and will be have the same effect of your current covenant legendary.
  • Torghast
    • Torghast will receive a new mode, The Jailer’s Gauntlet, described as a ‘boss rush.’
    • This mode will be purely for cosmetics.
    • New Layers will be added to the existing wings along with new creature types, floors, etc.
    • There will be no new additions to the Box of Many Things.
  • Conduits
    • Conduits are receiving at least 1 new rank.
    • The idea of a base floor to catch up on Conduits was discussed.

The Datamining is Upon Us

The PTR is expected to be up after the Thanksgiving break but various outlets have been busy datamining this week.

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