Details about Eternity’s End come to light. Jared and Manny cover all the 9.2 information that is at large!

Eternity’s End

Team 2 previewed the 9.2 patch this morning and also lifted the embargo for several interviews the team had done with publications. We have gathered all the information here.

  • 9.2 intended to be the final chapter of Shadowlands (last major patch but there may still be a 9.2.5)
  • Sylvanas will give information on what the Jailer is after
  • Uther will be key to reaching Sylvanas with her restored soul
  • Tyrande will face ‘a very different Sylvanas’
  • Renown will stop at 80
  • No further development of Soulbinds
    • 11 Boss Raid
      • Anduin
      • The Jailer
      • The Terrestrial Wing Keeper
    • Week 1 of patch, raid is not open yet
    • Week 2 of patch, normal and heroic open up to boss 8
    • Week 3 of patch, normal/heroic/mythic are fully open with all 11 bosses
    • The encounter with Anduin is a huge moment for the story and they want to let it breath (Anduin oth boss)
  • Tier Sets
    • Comes from raid, M+ and PvP
    • 2 and 4 set bonuses
    • Set bonuses will be like the past, with unique benefits for a certain playstyle, and swapping with spec.
    • You can get pieces from the Great Vault but not from end of dungeon chest
    • “Forge of Creation” system
      • Use currency and an item from PvP or dungeons to create set pieces
      • Meant as Bad Luck Protection or catch-up method
  • New Zone
    • Zereth Mortis
    • new zone activities, daily quests, events, and rewards
    • Cypher of the First Ones is the new player progression system
    • “this place that was crafted by the beings that created the cosmos as we know it”
    • Split into two biomes showing a before and after the First Ones
  • Legendaries
    • You will be able to equip two legendaries
    • The unlock is account wide
    • One Covenant Legendary and one other
    • Next level of legendaries will come from Zereth Mortis NOT Torghast
  • The Solo shuffle
    • 3 v 3 PvP Brawl with a pool of 6 players.
    • Solo queue
    • Players put into different teams
    • Round robin, the player with the best overall performance at the end wins.
    • Test for future PvP and are encouraging feedback
  • New dancing mini-game at the Darkmoon Faire
  • Encrypted build on CDN PTR maybe very soon

The Good and the Bad

This week, it was announced that Blizzard has made a few concessions to the #ABetterABK movement. Through their collective action, contract workers within ABK will be given the following:

  • Thanksgiving and Winter breaks as paid time off
  • Increase of minimum hourly rate for all temp employees to $17/hour
  • Starting January 1st, 2022, 13 paid holidays each year
  • Agency partners have agreed to match sick PTO offered to Blizzard temp employees, increasing accrued sick time to 9 days per year (matching current Blizzard employee standard)
  • Beginning new career growth and learning programs as part of temporary workers’ development, more information to come at a later date.

Meanwhile the response to the DFEH case has been far less promising.

  • They have asked the court to remove contract workers from the scope of the suit brought by California.
  • They have argued that 3 complaints be removed from the 11 filed in the DFEH suit
    • Employment Discrimination Because of Sex – Termination
    • Employment Discrimination Because of Sex – Constructive Discharge
    • Waiver of Rights, Procedures and Release of Claims
  • These claims are argued to not be supported by facts in the DFEH’s suit and do not meet a legal standard to actually move forward. If the demurrer is successful, the court may narrow the DFEH’s case or dismiss it entirely.

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