9.1.5 has a release date! Jared and Manny talk about what is coming in the next patch. Is it enough to hold us over until 9.2?

9.1.5 Release Date

November 2nd. Jared is bad at predictions. Always bet on Manny.

  • Release candidate put on PTR just yesterday (Wednesday) evening, WoW twitter account announced release date just hours ago.
  • Legion Timewalking will be open for the first two weeks of the patch, available immediately on launch.

Sylvanas Story set back

The upcoming Novel, Sylvanas which was originally slated for the fall of 2021, then delayed for the end of February has now been pushed back yet again to March 29th, 2022. 

Bulk Character Services

On the WoW forums, user Funkichicken, was one of the latest in a long line of people to bemoan the lack of bulk character transfers. This time, however, the calls did no go unanswered. Community Manager, Kaivax responded to say that bulk character transfers are slated for a future patch.


Yes, I can confirm that we intend to offer bundles of realm-to-realm character transfers for a discounted total price in a future update to World of Warcraft and the in-game Shop. This new offering will allow players to select multiple characters that are on the same account and move them all to a destination realm in one purchase.

We don’t have the final sizes, pricing, and date these new bundles will become available just yet, but we’ll let you know all of that as soon as possible

Bulk Character Transfer – General Discussion – World of Warcraft Forums

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