Jared and Manny talk about the dastardly Shoeboots. They then speak about the changing representations in the game, the upcoming Season of Mastery, and more!

Continued Adjustments to Innuendo

Several elements of the game have been adjusted from player characters as the warcraft team continues to adjust elements of the game to better reflect the team’s current values.

  • Jokes and Flirts
    • Punching Down
      Blood-elf Female: So I went to this troll spa the other day and I wound up with dreadlocks and a frigging bone in my nose! I mean come on! Who PAYS for that?
    • Reference to Problematic People
      Light-forged Draenei Female: Have you seen Prophet Velen’s new dance? He calls it the ‘Mac’Areena’!
    • Reinforcing Stereotypes
      Human Female: Why does everyone automatically assume I know tailoring and cooking?
  • Some of the emotes, that were removed in previous, builds have been returned. However, many of these returning emote actions no longer change when directed at a player character.
    • Drool, cough, burp, fart, whistle, spit, and moon
  • Female only models in Karazhan now also include male counterparts

WoW Classic Season of Mastery

New servers for WoW Classic will be opening up, this time with more changes to the game than were introduced the first time around. 

  • Increase to quest experience granted by a buff called “Adventure Awaits”, only applies to levels 1-59 and does not translate to increased gold at level 60.
  • Increase to boss difficulty in raids, including the re-addition of certain mechanics and increased health pools and damage numbers.
  • World buffs removed in raid instances
  • Adjustments were made to curtail power leveling and boosting.
  • Meeting stones turned into Summoning stones.

Calm Before Release?

The P.T.R seems to be calming down. Is a release candidate on the horizon? Here are a few notable changes on the PTR:

  • Sharing your transmog outfits with links
  • Timewalking Achievements
  • Legion Dungeon Rebalancing
    • Overall easier
    • Abilities that required active mitigation have been altered
    • BfA Azerite gear and essences no longer work

Calm Before Release

Many people are pointing to 9.1.5 as when the proverbial ripcord will be pulled. The ripcord was a term coined in the prerelease period of Shadowlands that meant that the player power of covenant abilities would be freely accessible and could be swapped without the steep obstacles that came with switching covenants.

The Ripcord Remains

While there are many quality of life improvements being added into the game, even these changes leave a lot of work to be done in order to move from one power to the next.

  • You start at the same renown you left a covenant (1 for a new covenant)
  • Your Soulbinds are locked unless you have already unlocked them with another character first
  • Covenant features will need to be built up.
  • Mission Followers will need to be leveled up.
  • Covenant Specific Conduit Powers will need to be re-earned.

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