We had a plan for this episode and then we went on so many tangents that we ended up throwing out half the show notes. This episode covers some new elements added into the latest build of 9.1.5 on the PTR and a lot of conversations that spring from that.

9.1.5 Update

A few noteworthy changes have appeared on the latest PTR build. The upcoming 9.1.5 includes several interesting additions.

Nightborne player models are looking more like NPC Nightborne models, complete with Glowing Hands™

Anima conductor will now allow you to channel to all unlocked nodes each day.

  • Unclear whether this is intended to be a catch-up mechanic or if you’ll still only get one upgrade node per day still in this new system.

Gathering professions have been increased almost uniformly across the board, 10-20% increase in yields for Mining, Skinning, Prospecting (but only Essences, not actual gems), and then lightless silk has had its drop rate increased.

“PVP Talent is Available” Helptip will now only show up when you’re in Warmode/pvp instances and have unselected PVP talents.

Several emotes have been adjusted:

  • Drool, cough, burp, fart, whistle, spit, and moon no longer change when used while targeting a player.
  • Pounce and groan have been adjusted when used while targeting a player.
  • 4 new emotes have been added – Huzzah, magnificent, impressed, and wince.
  • Kick, stink, shake, and moan have been removed.
    • Developers’ note: Some of these emotes seem to have harmless intentions at a glance, but when used while targeting another player, their intentions can turn unexpectedly suggestive or intrusive. We’ve made adjustments to these emotes with negative connotations towards another player, while also adding a few new ones.

Legion Raids

In 9.1.5, soloing Legion Raids will be much easier. Adjustments have been made for several encounters:

  • Antorus, the Burning Throne
    • Antoran High Command
    • Eonar the Life-Binder
    • Varimathras (This change will be available in a later PTR build)
    • Coven of Shivarra
    • Aggramar
  • Tomb of Sargeras
    • The Desolate Host
    • Fallen Avatar
    • Kil’Jaeden
  • The Nighthold
    • Gul’dan
  • Trial of Valor
    • Helya

EEOC Settlement

Activision Blizzard has settled one of the several suits brought against the company.

  • The EEOC filed a suit at the start of this week. On that same night, the initial settlement agreement was made. It is still pending judicial approval.
  • $18 million set aside as injunctive relief for eligible claimants
  • Claimants can be allocated up to $300k per individual
  • Any money not claimed must be donated to causes supporting women in technology, or charities fighting harassment
  • 3-year probationary period wherein:
    • The EEOC can request any pertinent files or interview any staff
    • A 3rd Party Coordinator that must be approved by the EEOC monitors the companies practices
    • The EEOC can bring ABK back to court for non-compliance

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