Manny returns with Jared to tackle all things newly discovered in 9.1.5. Can Time Walking become greater than ever before?

9.1.5 Continues to Evolve

We have had some time with the systems patch on the PTR. While some features are still to come, there is still a lot to see.

  • Pulling the Ripcord
    • Once you’ve reached a high Renown threshold, you will thereafter be able to freely switch among any of the four Covenants without cooldown or restriction, as well as use cosmetic rewards that you have earned from one covenant even if you are currently a member of a different one. Both the Covenant switching and the use of cosmetic rewards will also apply to alts once the Renown threshold is reached on one character.

When it comes to the limitations on Covenant-switching, millions of players experienced Shadowlands for the first time through the lens of their Covenant of choice, and that would have not been possible had the choice carried less weight from the outset. Nevertheless, after the conclusion of the Chains of Domination campaign, the Covenants are united against the Jailer, and revisiting player feedback in that context has led us to re-evaluate our approach. In terms of the day-to-day player experience, the advantages of a rigid division between Covenants have diminished since Shadowlands launched, while the downsides (feeling disadvantaged in certain types of content, or having to choose between mechanical advantages and aesthetics) have only grown. That balance of factors no longer justifies the original limitations on Covenant-switching, so in 9.1.5 we’re looking to provide a way to circumvent them.

  • Broker Marks of Distinction purchased for gold
    • Purchasable once you hit 80 renown
    • Increase Renown up to 40 
    • 500g each
  • Anima will be traded between alts at a 1-to-1 rate with the ‘Kyrian Traveler’s Anima Cache.’
  • New Customization
    • Lightforged Draenei, Nightborne, Void Elves, Highmountai Tauren
      • Skin Colours
      • Hair Styles, Side Burns, and Hair Colours
      • Facial Hair and Tendrils
      • Horns, Horn Colour and Horn Decorations
      • Headdresses, Jewelry and Jewelry Colours
      • Adjust Length of Tail, Ears, Eyebrows
      • Lightforged Talbuk Mount
  • Korthian Armaments that target specific slots
    • The costs vary from 1500 (weapons) to 500 (bracers, cloak)
  • AoE Cap softened
    • Many abilities with hard caps will change to have a soft cap.
  • Island Expeditions
    • Solo or Duo Queues added
    • No boosting (exp turns off)
  • Heirloom Upgrades (up to level 60)
  • Diminishing returns for Torghast runs will be gone. Players will be able to earn the full amount of Soul Cinders and Soul Ash on every run.
  • Increased the number of Soul Cinders awarded from all sources that previously rewarded them.
  • Rescuing Souls in Torghast now counts towards the weekly, “Return Lost Souls.”
  • Legion Timewalking
    • Mythic + 
      • Infernal – possible Legion affix
    • Hints of the Mage Tower Returning
      • Datamined: Scenario spells with tuning, & Teleports to the scenarios
      • Recolours of T20 for several classes

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