While Manny is away Jared gets to play. Joined by Lex_Rants, they talk about the initial information on the upcoming 9.1.5 patch, the continuing changes to the game to reflect the lawsuit, and take questions from listeners.

9.1.5 on the PTR

Here’s the big stuff coming soon to the PTR:

  • Legion Timewalking being added, including Legion era Mythic +
  • The ripcord has been pulled, characters will be able to swap covenants AND conduits freely in 9.1.5
    • Removing conduit energy
  • The Maw intro, the one all players must go through at the start of the story on every character forever, now skippable.
  • Shadowlands legendary crafted item recycling…? There is no further information on this, but they included it in the roadmap.
  • Heirloom upgrades, Torghast leveling, threads of fate improvements all teased.
  • Anima turn-ins from Korthia
  • Covenant cosmetic restrictions lifted
  • Legacy raid tuning (it’s been wonky in places since the level squish)
  • Talk of allowing anima transfer to alts
    • Added note that this will require a fully upgraded sanctum
  • Redeemed Soul Catch-up being added to help you get your sanctum upgraded quickly

Blizzard in the process of removing Developer Names from Games

Last week, Team 2 told us that they would be removing references to more Blizzard employees from World of Warcraft. Today, Jesse McCree, Luis Barriga, and Jonathan LeCraft had references to their names removed.

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