The Dark Portal opens unleashing the hungering waves of adventurers upon those poor unsuspecting demons of Outland. Meanwhile, further developments stir on the PTR. Jared and Manny cover it all on this week’s For Azeroth!

The Burning Crusade Classic Goes Live

This week the dark portal opened once more and ushered in the start of TBC Classic.

  • DDoS attacks (focused on Faerlina)
  • Free server transfers off certain N/A servers
    • Faerlina (all)
    • Mankirk and Whitemane (Horde only)
      • You cannot transfer a character who
        • is the leader of a guild.
        • has items up for auction.
        • has in-game mail messages.
      • You may have to change the character’s name after the transfer.
      • You cannot transfer a character to a PvP realm where you already have a character of the opposite faction.
      • The transfer of a character is a final decision once initiated, and cannot be undone. Blizzard Customer Service cannot adjust or reverse the character transfer process.
      • During times when servers are very busy, free character transfers can take up to several hours.
  • Industrious players have already reached level 70 on the first day of release. 5 players from <Progress> (Firemaw-EU) are credited with being the first to reach the new level cap.
  • <Progress> went on to claim world first clears of Gruul’s Lair, Magtheridon’s Lair and Karazhan all within the first 24 hrs of release
  • Blizzard announced that two world bosses will not spawn until the week of June 14th
  • Arena Play will begin the week of June 14th

If you want a recap of the Lore of TBC, watch the Lore Short released by Blizzard that gives the Coles Notes. (Cliff Notes in the US)

The Chains Close In

In a sure sign the 9.1 is coming sooner than later, Blizzard has posted an article on the official site giving players tips and pointers to prepare for the release.

  • Hitting Renown 40
  • Completing your Covenant Campaign
  • Soar the Skies in Style

Prepare for Lift Off: Get Ready for Flying in Chains of Domination

Brawl with the Blues

Want to test out the reworked PvP talents and bring the pain of the new OP combos against the very team that created them? Holinka has tweeted out there will be an upcoming PvP testing.

  • June 4th Holinka will be on Venruki’s Twitch channel for a PvP focused interview
  • 2pm – 3pm PDT at
  • 3pm – 4pm PDT Random Battlegrounds
  • 4pm – 5pm PDT Arena Skirmishes
  • Broxigar PTR server

PvP Play with the Blues — Friday, June 4 at 3:00 p.m. PDT

Tormented Available for Testing

Tormented, the season 2 affix is available for testing In this week’s build.

  • 4 mini-bosses in each dungeon
  • Each mini-boss has a negative aura when you engage them and are present on the final boss if the respective mini-boss is still alive.
  • When you kill a mini-boss you will get a choice of anima powers
    • Anima Powers are role specific
    • Anima powers are set per boss
    • We don’t know if the powers will rotate from week to week

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