Jared and Manny return after a week away. Jared is hyped for the opening of the dark portal. Manny cries about dying to Sylvanas. Both of them try to make heads or tails of the new Mythic Keystone Rating. All this and more!

Blizzcon 2021 cancelled, but small events incoming

Blizzcon for the year of 2021 has indeed been cancelled. What plans are being devised for the next big event?

  • Unable to coordinate the local and global collaborations in order to pull off “the kind of event [they]’d want to create for [us] in November”
  • Planning a global event in early 2022 along the lines of BlizzConline, combined with smaller in-person gatherings along the way

BlizzCon and Our Latest Plans — BlizzCon — Blizzard News

Shadowlands Season 2 is Anima Powers?!

The new build on the PTR reveals information on the new seasonal affix.

  • Domination is the Seasonal Affix of Shadowlands Season 2
  • Datamined information points to Anima Powers
  • Players can gain versions of Mythic Keystone Affixes
    • Athame of Necrotic Wounding
      • You inflict Necrotic Wounds on enemies
    • Volcanic Plumage
      • Your damaging abilities cause a Volcanic Eruption to form under enemies 
  • At the time of recording, we do not know the method we gain these powers, nor if they are selectable, random or based on the affixes of the week.

Anima Powers in Torghast – Wowhead

Keystone Rating Coming in Season 2

Wowhead posted an article about the Keystone Rating system coming up in Chains of Domination. Controversy and bewilderment followed.

  • You will now be awarded the Explorer, Conqueror, and Master Achievements based on a score rating rather than completing all keys at a certain level.
  • The rating given for any dungeon is based on the highest key you complete on both a Tyrannical and Fortified affixes.
  • There is also a margin of the score that is based on how well you performed in your highest runs.
  • Community Outrage backlash is plastered on the forums over more work to obtain achievements.

KSM “requires” +15 with Tyrannical and Fortified – Wowhead

Raid Testing 101

After today’s raid testing, it is safe to say even the best of us might not know how to go about testing encounters on the PTR. Here are some tips that will allow you to get a first look at the latest encounters first hand.

  • Be Prepared Ahead of Time
    • Copy your character over before the scheduled testing time.
    • Buy raid mats from flaskator, legendaries from the servant of the Jailor, etc
    • Review the dungeon journal
    • Log in and find a group
      • In trade
      • In group finder
  • Be prepared to wipe
  • Be prepared for the unexpected
    • Broken mechanics
    • Bugs
    • Schedule changes

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