Shoeboots of Azeroth Public Radio joins Manny to talk about the flurry of datamining with the release of the 9.1 PTR on this week’s For Azeroth!

Let the Anima Flow

A recent hotfix introduced a path to more anima.

  • There are three new achievements connected to Covenant Improvements
    • We Can Rebuild – Unlocking Rank 1 of all four Covenant Upgrades
    • Denying the Drought – Unlocking Rank 2 of all four Covenant Upgrades
    • Sanctum Superior – Unlocking Rank 3 of all four Covenant Upgrades
  • Earning each successive achievement increases the anima tokens offered as a reward for anima world quests
  • This is retroactively applied to all current characters 
  • The game counts the progress of covenants you have abandoned
  • Not account wide
  • Does not affect Epic WQs like the weekly World Boss

Shadowlands Season 2: Mythic+ Score

The Raider.IO Team has been in talks with Team 2 to bring in a scoring system in Chains of Domination.

  • The system will be available to test later in the 9.1 PTR testing cycle.
  • The system is likely to be based off of Raider.IO’s own scoring system
  • Threads datamined shows:
    • Overall Score
    • Individual Score for each Dungeon
    • An end of dungeon screen that shows when you improve and how it affects your score
    • The affixes of the highest completed dungeon runs
  • This could lead to leaderboards much like the Hall of Fame

Cool Item and Overpowered Trinkets

Season 2 of Shadowlands adds a few changes to the general scheme of gearing.

  • PvP gear scales up 13 ilvls when engaged in PvP situations
  • The last two bosses of the Sanctum of Domination drop gear 7 ilvl higher than the earlier bosses
  • Sylvanas drops loot with special effects for hunters. A bow and a cloak that replaces hunter abilities with abilities Sylvanas has in Heroes of the Storm.
  • New Transmoggable Glasses and Shades
  • Transmog Shoulders individually

Raid Testing

Maw Walkers of the PTR will be able to test two bosses of the upcoming Raid this Friday, April 16th.

  • Two Heroic Difficulty encounters will be tested at 2:00 PM PDT // 5:00 PM EDT and 3:00 PM PDT // 6:00 PM EDT
  • You can transfer your characters over to the PTR client
  • The ilvl of your characters will be adjusted while testing

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