JaredRPG returns. We talk about Blizzard’s new tournament, the new collectable goodies on the Blizzard Store and recap what exactly we know about the upcoming 9.1. All this and more on this episode of For Azeroth!

The Great Push

Blizzard announces The Great Push, a competitive dungeon one-off tournament of the year.

  • Team’s compete to finish the highest keystone level.
  • 5 Player teams can sign up through May 17th.
  • The proving grounds qualifying weekend will be held May 22nd and May 23rd
  • The top 6 qualifying teams will compete in the tournament on the following weekend: May 28th through May 30th
  • The winning team will be the one who has the highest overall score for dungeons pushed and will be crowned the champion.
  • This is a separate event and prize pool ($20,000 USD) from the MDI

The Vault Collection

The Blizzard Gear Store has unveiled a new collectable series to celebrate their 30th anniversary.

  • The series will highlight a different character each drop
  • A new drop will be released on the 2nd Tuesday of every month
  • 8 releases in total (Apr – Nov)
  • First installment: Lich King Arthas 26” Premium Statue

Maw Rep Becomes More Alt Friendly

Players who unlock items from Ve’nari on one character can now purchase those items on all the characters on their account.

  • Items can be purchased on alts without reaching the correct reputation level.
  • You will still need farm up the stygia to purchase any non-account wide
  • Does not unlock the areas of the Maw and you will still need reputation for those story points.

What We Know About 9.1

We hope to be diving into the PTR next week but in preparation for that we want to pull together what we know about what is coming in the Chains of Domination.

The Maw

  • The Maw will radically change as the covenants begin the push into the Jailer’s realm
  • There will be an overall ease up on the crushing nature of the Maw
  • You will be able to mount freely even with non-Maw-specific mounts
  • Talk suggests a mechagon visitor style rotation of events where the Coalition of the Covenants will invade areas and change up gameplay each day.
  • There will also be special Tormenters of Torghast events where the elite Jailor forces will counter attack
  • Ve’nari will remain in the Maw. Stygia will not be used for new upgrades and items offered by Ve’nari and she will gain a new currency.

Korthia, the City of Secrets

  • The Landmass shown at the end of the Kingsmourne cinematic
  • This is a realm once home to ancient caretakers and protectors of the realms of death
  • The story lines and quests in Korthia will be at least partly opened by building Renown with your Covenant.
  • The Dreadlords will be involved in this new zone and we will discover about their true nature
  • Progress in Korthia will be tied to Renown

The Sanctum of Domination

  • A stronghold of the Jailor’s elite forces
  • 10 Encounter Raid (5 Known Encounters)
    • Tarragrue Revenge
    • The Eye of the Jailer
    • The Fate of the Damned
    • Kel’Thuzad
    • Sylvanas 

Torghast Updates

  • The reward system is being reworked to allow for partial credit on incomplete runs.
  • Players no longer have to deal with a death counter as the Tarragrue is busy fighting raid teams.
  • New Anima Powers can be discovered in the new season.
  • The team is discussing new rewards for Twisting Corridors
  • A new wing with it’s own unique twist on the Torghast aesthetic will be available.

Tazavesh, the Veiled Market

  • 8 boss Megadungeon
  • Introduced as Mythic Only
  • We encounter new types of brokers we have not encountered previously in the 1st half 
  • Set in a Broker Trading City
  • The back half is a pursuit after a broker thief through portals to different locations

New Season

  • New Seasonal Affix for M+: Domination
  • PvP talents are getting a pass over with the focus on refreshing underused talents.

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