This week, Manny is joined by JaredRPG and we discuss the continued fall out of the Hall of Fame boosting, undocumented changes from 9.0.5 and another round of layoffs. All that and more on this week’s For Azeroth!

Clarifying Valor

Community Manager Linxy took to the forums to clear up a common misconception about Valor. There is an increasing cap for the amount of Valor a character can farm. That cap increases by 750 each week; but, the total is for the entire season.

  • A character earns the maximum cap of 5000 Valor in the first week, regardless of what is spent (if any), they’ll be able to earn 750 Valor total the second week.
  • A character earns 1000 Valor in the first week, regardless of what is spent (if any), they will be able to earn 4750 the second week.
  • Any character that hits the maximum amount of Valor and spends it on upgrades will be able to earn another 750 the following week.
  • Any future iterations of the Valor system will start with a different cap (presumably lower.)
  • Valor Amounts in 9.0.5 – 9.0.5 PTR General Discussion – World of Warcraft Forum

Cheaters Never Prosper

As a follow up to the Hall of Fame controversy, we have seen some judgement meted out this week.

  • The Guilds involved with the HoF scandal were interviewed by Blizzard’s regional partner, NetEase.
  • 16 Guilds in the Chinese region have been removed from the Hall of Fame.
  • New Guilds were added to fill the gap
  • 3 – 7 day suspensions were issued to several players and the related achievements were removed

More Layoffs

Activision Blizzard lays off approximately 50 employees over COVID-19 impact.

  • On Tuesday, Activision Blizzard restructured teams across its companies
  • Bloomberg reports that the company is shifting focus away from in person live events
  • A developer noted that the layoffs within Blizzard were from support teams but they have yet to see how this will affect things down the line.

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