This week, Manny and Joce talk about the upcoming patch 9.0.5 including the return of valor points, and then take your emails. All that and more on this week’s For Azeroth!

9.0.5 is Coming Next Week!

9.0.5 moves forward on the PTR but there have been a few developments that are big signals for those paying attention.

  • 9.0.5 is coming Tuesday March 9th! 
  • The community team has put up a post about how exactly Valor Points will work.
    • In 9.0.5, there will be a weekly Valor cap that increases by 750 Valor each week, and the cap will start at 5000 Valor earnable in the first week.
    • In the second week of 9.0.5, the Valor cap will be 5750. In week 3, the Valor cap will be 6500, etc.
    • There will be a cap of 1500 on how much Valor a character can hold at a time.
    • Callings will provide 50 VP each
    • You will get significantly more in a M+ dungeon with one report of 135 VP from completing a +6 on time. No word on scaling with key level or based on how well the group performs.
    • Remember that you can’t upgrade M+ gear obtained before the patch goes live.
    • Items from next week’s GV also can’t be upgraded.
    • The cap on the item level to which you can upgrade your gear increases with particular feats of strength
      • 200 – Complete all 8 Mythic Shadowlands dungeons 
      • 207 – Keystone Explorer (all 5s in time)
      • 213 – Keystone Conqueror (all 10s in time)
      • 220 – Keystone Master (all 15s in time)
    • This means all Mythic dungeon gear has 12 ranks starting at item level 184 and increasing by 3 – 4 points to a cap of 220.
    • Each upgrade cost a different amount based on what you are trying to upgrade:
      • 250 VP/3ilvl – Offhand, Rings, Cloak, Bracers, Neck
      • 400 VP/3ilvl – Shoulders, Gloves, Trinkets, Boots, Belt
      • 475 VP/3ilvl – Helm, Chest, Legs
      • 500 VP/3ilvl – 1 Handed Melee Weapon
      • 750 VP/3ilvl – 1 Handed Caster Weapon
      • 1000 VP/3ilvl – 2 Handed Weapon
    • There is a vendor that you can spend extra VP to get material goods.
  • The level of your first weekly Keystone has been reverted to what it was in BFA
  • Updates to Torghast Anima Powers for many classes
  • 9.0.5 also includes several balance changes to conduits, soulbinds, covenant powers, specializations, the adventure table and legendaries. Please make sure you check with you class discords as these changes may make some previously unrepresented builds much more viable.
  • Major changes to epic battlegrounds such as Ashran, Isle of Conquest and Wintergrasp
  • Remember that changes to PvP talents will be light as there is reportedly going to be a big pass at PvP talents in 9.1
  • Introduces anima rewards when you cap your renown at level 40

Burning Crusade Classic Alpha

Wowhead’s patch sniffer has detected an Alpha build on Blizzard’s Central Distribution Network that looks to be the beginning of internal testing.

Controversy with the Hall of Fame

This week the Alliance Hall of Fame closed which will allow cross realm Mythic raiding with the next weekly reset. 

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