This week, Manny and Joce give you their thoughts on the mechanics and lore of Patch 9.1 – Chains of Domination, and then take your emails. All that and more on this week’s For Azeroth!

9.1 Officially Revealed

The Warcraft What’s Next panel gave us the official debut of the upcoming major patch for Shadowlands.

  • Chains of Domination
  • Focused on the Covenants taking the fight to the Jailer
    • 9.1 picks up right after the attack on the Archon. The Archon is not dead!
    • Bolvar will be the figure the Covenants rally behind
    • The new chapters of the Covenant stories will be available to all players with a recap for the covenant stories that a player has not dealt with in 9.0
    • The 9.1 Campaigns will wrap up the issues each covenant is facing as well as have them unite against the Jailer
    • There will be special nods to people of each covenant as you deal with their respective parts of the campaign
  • Maw is drastically changed as the combined power of the covenant forces siege the realm
    • Korthia, the City of Secrets will be a new area within the Maw
      • It was once home to the ancient caretakers
      • Contains secrets of the First Ones
      • Will use something like the Mechagon Visitor System
    • A 2nd unnamed area will also be added to the Maw
    • As you progress through 9.1 quests, you will gain the ability to change gameplay within the Maw
      • Counter the Eye of the Jailer
      • Freely use ground mounts within the Maw
    • Have attacks from Covenants to aid you and counter attacks from Torghast Elites
    • Venari is now interested in a new resource and provides new items
    • Dailies will now focus on discovering the secrets of Korthia and assaulting the Maw
    • This replaces the old 9.0 version entirely; but, the original Maw phase is still there for alts
    • The Dreadlords return as you dive deeper into Korthia and we will learn about their story, their intentions and who they serve.
  • New Maw raid: Sanctum of Domination
    • 10 boss raid with The True Eye of the Jailer, Kel’Thuzad, The Tarrigue and the last boss of the raid: The Banshee Queen, Sylvanas Windrunner
    • Sylvanas will be an encounter with a lot of story
    • No tier sets in 9.1 the gear from the raid are recolours of the Legendary items
    • Gear in the Sanctum of Domination is planned to have some exciting and unique rewards to prevent the raid from being overshadowed by dungeon runners or PvPers
    • They do Mythic only phases and fights where they feel it works but it is not a checkbox to tick off.
  • MegaDungeon: Tazavesh, the Veiled Market
    • 8 Boss dungeon a la Mechagon or Return to Kharazhan
    • Broker Trading City with a lighter tone to contrast against the dark grim of most of the patch
    • First part is an introduction and exploration of the Brokers
    • 2nd part is chasing after a thief who has stolen a powerful artifact
    • 2nd part will have us jumping through portals and locations
    • There is an Infinite Pirate Dragon fight set in Boralas! 
  • They intend to build onto the already existing systems in Shadowlands
    • Soulbinds will gain additional rows but there will be no new soulbinds in 9.1
    • Torghast will give rewards for incomplete runs so players do not leave empty handed
    • As the Tarrague will be defeated in the raid the death counter will go away in Torghast
    • Nothing to announce for legendary items but they do have ideas
    • Covenant minigames will not be getting anything new in 9.1
    • The mission table will continue to “evolve.”

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