This week, Manny and Joce talk Patch 9.0.5, speculate one last time about BlizzConline announcements, and the take your emails. All that and more on this week’s For Azeroth!


This Tuesday 9.0.5 became available on the PTR and Manny jumped online to look at what’s coming up in the next content patch for Shadowlands. This small patch is focused on two things:

  • PvE Gearing with the return of Valor Points
    • Upgrade M+ items
    • Increasing Cap requires completing all Mythic Dungeons (200), Keystone Explorer (207), Keystone Conqueror (213), and Keystone Master (220)
    • Raid gear will not be changed mid tier
  • Larger balance changes
    • Covenant Ability Changes
      • Necrolord Fleshcrafting being buffed
      • Necrolord DH power is being reworked
      • Many lagging abilities are being buffed
    • Legendary Powers will be adjusted in a future build
  • Quality of Life updates
    • Renown catch up tooltip
    • Mailboxes in Oribos
    • More Soulshapes
  • Unfinished features:
    • Soul Forge with Stygia
      – Dust, Slivers, Bars found with new Ve’nari items
    • Rune Icons (not currently connected with anything)


Schedule Released

6 stages: Blizzard, WoW, Hearthstone, Diablo, Overwatch and Strategy

Day 1 includes what’s next panels and deep dives of the four tent pole franchises.

Day 2 is community focused including Q&As, workshops, artwork and a community showcase

Speculation City

  • Where do we think we’re heading in 9.1?
    • Story
      • Tyrande?
      • Drust?
      • Jailer?
        • What of Anduin?
      • Covenants?
    • Dungeons?
      • Will we get more dungeons in 9.1?
    • Raid
    • Will we get a new zone/realm?
  • What, if anything, would you like to see changed mechanically in 9.1?
    • Covenants
      • How are we feeling now that we’ve been in it for a while? Is the switch/catchup easy enough? How does balance feel?
    • Is there an “Azerite Armor” level problem/revamp coming? 

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