This week on For Azeroth, Manny and Joce chat about their week in WoW, Maw Lore, hot fixes to end game PVE, then dive into the Venthyr covenant campaign. All that and more on this week’s For Azeroth!

Lost Lore of the Maw

Over on /r/WoW, Redditor VolksDK noticed that a turn in quest to Ven’ari alluded to players being able to read the turn in item. These items once included snippets of lore that never made it to live! An example given in the same thread, discusses the tortuous experimentation of a Kaldorei soul. From these experiments, we learn of anima and stygia syphoned during the process and more importantly that the player character is not unique in their ability to escape the Maw. There are multiple Maw Walkers!

Sweeping End Game Changes

This week we saw a large amount of nerfs and bug fixes targeting PvE end game content. The hot fixes on Jan 25th pinpointed pain points in dungeons and raids to bring the challenge more in line with the rest of the end game.


  • Manifestation of Pride now sees through Stealth and Invisibility effects (preventing cheese).
  • Plaguefall saw 3 nerfs to the final encounter: Margrave Stradama
  • Spires of Ascension saw 2 nerfs to the 3 Forsworn Ascendants before the final boss
  • Sanguine Depths saw a bug fix that sometimes prevented flying enemies from counting towards enemy forces and also saw nerfs to the 1st and 2nd boss
  • The Necrotic Wake received 19 separate nerfs and bug fixes, hitting 3 of the 4 boss encounters and most of the trash in the dungeon!

Castle Nathria

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