This week on For Azeroth, Manny and Joce chat about professions, advertising accounts in WoW, dive super deep into Torghast strategy, and then speculate the house down about all the lore tidbits in dungeons, Torghast, and raids. All that and more on this week’s For Azeroth!

QoL Changes

Blizzard added a few quality of life changes to the game this week.

  • Important weekly quests have been pulled to the top of your quest list, into the Campaign section
  • Timegating on Bolvar’s weekly Torghast quests was removed, so anyone can unlock Twisting Corridors this week

Blizzard Bans Advertising Accounts

Advertising Spam has been the ban of Trade Chat for so long on many servers. Often players resort to turning off trade all together to avoid it. Blizzard recently began enforcing a new rule to combat this. 

  • The new rule is: “Accounts that are used for the primary purpose of advertising may be closed.”
  • Real Money Transactions are still illegal under a separate rule.
  • This includes accounts that only sell for gold services.
  • A reddit thread shows a member of the Azeroth Sales Community disputing a silence punishment that was put on one of his accounts. The GM removed the silence but then banned the account under the new rule.
  • Other players that have run afoul of this new ruling have received warnings
  • The page with the relevant rule was updated but there was no warning about this change.
  • Reddit Thread on Policy Change
  • In-Game Advertising – Blizzard Support

Community Resources/Add-ons

Tips and Tricks for Climbing the Tower

With the Twisting Corridors released many people are once again finding challenges completing layers. There are several tips that will aid you in general when attempting Torghast.

Respect the Climb

  1. If the content is difficult for you then do the prep work you feel needed.
    1. Choose the specialization and talents that will help you best
    2. Bring utility potions like the invisibility potions when you feel stuck
  2. Give yourself time. The Twisting Corridors are 18 floor runs. They will take longer than the runs of the other zones. Give yourself the time to complete it.
  3. Grab your best gear, make sure you have all the stamina buffs from Renown, and give yourself whatever advantages you can reasonably get. Potions, Flasks and Food buffs are not very effective in Torghast.

Anima Powers

  1. Explore everywhere and defeat everything to get as many powers as you are able.
  2. Prioritize single target damage over AoE effects
  3. Do not ignore defensive powers nor offensive powers.
    1. Only get enough maximum health increases to avoid being 1 shot, then focus on effective health.
    2. Anything that works off of a percentage automatically scales with you.
  4. With 18 Floors, you are far more likely to get powers that synergize well and can take powers that you might otherwise not gamble on for fear of not getting another to work with the first.
  5. Avoid short term powers early on and favour the powers that build up over time.
  6. The Ravenous Anima Cell can sometimes negate certain torments.
    1. Shades can drop a power that will cause the spreading pool they drop to heal you instead of damage you.
    2. Mawrats can drop the stacking HP buff which can greatly help later on in your climb.


  1. Elites, including end of floor bosses and the big bosses every 6 floors will gain a stacking buff that will increase the damage they do. The buff stacks as long as they are in combat and can not be dispelled. These enemies are priority targets.
  2. Double Elite packs often represent the most dangerous packs in the dungeon and they are surrounded on all sides by other enemies. Attempt to peel off the smaller foes without engaging the core group until the end.


  1. In the Twisting Corridors, the Torment will change every 6 Floors to match the environment. It is impossible to know how to tailor your powers to negate all 3 Torments that you will face.
    1. The Soulforge Heat Torment does a percentage of your maximum health every 5 seconds. Increasing your maximum health will increase the damage this torment does. Instead use absorb shields, and passive healing (such as Protective Phantasma)
    2. The Eye of Skoldus and Fracturing Forces spawn enemies to attack you when you are not in combat. CC a Mawrat and keep in combat with it reduce or avoid prolonged periods of being out of combat. Please be aware that this will reduce the CC options you may have when in combat with real enemies.
  2. Understand how the Torments apply to enemies and adjust your attack strategy accordingly. Mort’regar’s Echoes increase Magic damage done, while Might of the Upper Reaches increases the damage of physical attacks. Spellcasters on Mort’regar floors may have a much higher impact than those of the Upper Reaches. Handle them accordingly.


  1. All of Ven’ari’s reputation locked upgrades that apply to Torghast also apply to the Twisting Corridors. Make sure you are purchasing the permanent Torghast Upgrades that are available to you. These will make your 1st death not count, allow you to stack the stat increasing Anima Powers to a higher degree, and increases the quality, selection and other bonuses for anima powers you are offered in your Torghast runs.

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