This week on a special live recording of For Azeroth, Manny and Joce chat about paying to win the Race to World First, changes to Mythic Dungeon Tools causing some commotion, the lore of Revendreth, and then take your emails! All that and more on this week’s For Azeroth!

RWF is over, with Complexity Limit claiming the title…

…but at what cost? 331 million gold apparently!

  • If purchased through WoW Tokens, that would be equivalent to $57,068.97 

Timewalking rewards ilvl 200 this week

Community Resources/Add-ons

Mythic Dungeon Tools

There has been a recent controversy concerning Mythic Dungeon Tools. 

  • Right around Christmas Day, the addon author announced that a future update would strip all data regarding NPC packs, positions and patrol route, percentage value towards enemy forces and leave only empty maps.
  • The striped out data was then made available exclusively to those that paid the author through paypal or via a Twitch subscription to his channel.
  • The updated addon was also made incompatible with older versions and those with the premium data would not be able to share routes to anyone who was not also a premium user.
  • The backlash from the community was immediate and in some cases extremely vitriolic.
  • Fork addons like “Let’s Time It” and alternatives like Keystone Guru popped up as players looked for alternatives to paying for something that had previously been provided free of charge before the update.
  • 5 Days later, Nnoggie posted in a TwitLonger that the change would be reverted.

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